Note: this blog closed in November 2011 and is not being updated

Your story

If you are an Australian who experienced out-of-home care as a child, we would like to hear from you. You are welcome to leave a comment on any of the pages or posts here. Or perhaps you’d like to write a post, as a guest author – if so, please contact us.

Historical objects and photos

Things that have come to us from past times help us tell stories from that time.

We have collected historical objects and photos we might use in the exhibition. Do you have a photo that you could email to the Museum to help us tell your story?

Creative responses

People tell stories of their experiences in many ways. One way is through art. If you have artwork of any kind you would like to share, send us an image of it via email. We want to collect as many as we can online.

Browse creative responses contributed so far.

5 thoughts on “Collecting”

  1. Looking for Margaret Rule from Wagga Wagga, it was about 1962 when she left with her younger siblings.

  2. bruce abberton i was at mt gibralter boys home bowral
    from 1962 to 1968/69 can still remember the complete layout of the home
    and the car reg…. of mr barclay

  3. When I was in the Mt. Lawley receiving home in W.A I used to draw alot. I passed away the time sketching fashion designs. When the Perth Royal Show came around, staff at the home gathered my sketches and exhibited them in The Child Welfare stand at the show. I would REALLY like to know what happened to my sketches and how much money was donated to Child Welfare that year because of them.

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