This blog closed in November 2011 and is not being updated.

We welcomed your thoughts, ideas, experiences and whatever else you had to share in relation to children’s homes. If you decided to contribute, we asked you to be mindful that whatever you shared was on the public record, and would be available to all users of the internet. To be clear: your words, photos and so on might be distributed widely, and we had no control over that. You could choose to use your real name for contributions, but were welcome to use a nickname instead.

If you were considering taking legal action relating to your time in ‘care’, we suggested you might seek legal advice before you shared your story on this website.

Like all communities we had expectations for participation and we thought that it is important to be clear and transparent about our expectations. We asked that you:

  • use language that was respectful, courteous and mindful of others’ feelings
  • respected people’s privacy – you should not reveal information about yourself or others that may intrude upon their (or your!) privacy (for example, you might remember someone from a home and want to mention them here, using just their first name or their initials will protect their privacy)
  • abide by copyright laws – if what you contributed was entirely your own creation, there was no problem
  • if you have any concerns about material on this website that relates to you, please contact us


This blog was moderated. Your first comment was reviewed before publishing. If we published your first comment, from then on your comments would appear instantly.

Note that any comment we deemed to be at odds with these guidelines was removed – eg, if it was irrelevant, offensive or defamatory. We sometimes edited and republished the comment. Or we might have attempted to get in touch with you to discuss how you to make the comment without breaching these guidelines.

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