Forgotten Australians, memories, poetry


'These are my observations, thoughts & feelings', writes Diane Mancuso. Many Forgotten Australians bear the burden of memories associated with institutional 'care'. In this series of poems entitled 'DOCS' (Department of Children's Services), Diane courageously demonstrates the intergenerational risk of children being lost to out-of-home care. The cycle sadly continues.

Child Migrants, Forgotten Australians, music, Stolen Generations

‘A Call for Justice’

Michelle Greaves shares 'A Call for Justice', a song recorded by her twin brother, Mark Torr. It's dedicated to all those who spent time in Children's Homes and Institutions. Michelle and Mark were sent to Darling Babies Home, Victoria, at the age of two and then, three years later, to Nunawading Cottage, St John's Home for Boys and Girls.