Forgotten Australians, music

Give it Up

Christine Harms is performing at the National Museum of Australia as part of "Music to Remember", on 16 November, 2011. This concert has been scheduled to acknowledge the second anniversary of the National Apology to Forgotten Australians and Former Child Migrants. Hear her latest recording of her original song "Give it Up", dedicated to Al 'Crow' Fletcher, the author of "Brutal: Surviving Westbrook Boys Home".

Child Migrants, Forgotten Australians, music, Stolen Generations

‘A Call for Justice’

Michelle Greaves shares 'A Call for Justice', a song recorded by her twin brother, Mark Torr. It's dedicated to all those who spent time in Children's Homes and Institutions. Michelle and Mark were sent to Darling Babies Home, Victoria, at the age of two and then, three years later, to Nunawading Cottage, St John's Home for Boys and Girls.

Forgotten Australians, music

Dreary old world

Australian country singer, Harold "Buddy" Williams (1918 - 1986) was born in Sydney and was placed in Glebe Point Orphanage. He tried to escape many times and was eventually fostered out to a farming family in Dorrigo, NSW. It soon became apparent to him that the foster care arrangement was a means for the family to secure his unpaid labour. At the age of 15, Buddy ran away from his foster family and took up a series of jobs including busking along the north coast of NSW. When he later arrived in Sydney, he successfully auditioned for EMI and secured a recording contract.