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'These are my observations, thoughts & feelings', writes Diane Mancuso. Many Forgotten Australians bear the burden of memories associated with institutional 'care'. In this series of poems entitled 'DOCS' (Department of Children's Services), Diane courageously demonstrates the intergenerational risk of children being lost to out-of-home care. The cycle sadly continues.

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‘Their natural heritage’

'Where the little inmates are permitted to grow up natural and normal human beings.' 'Inside' assistant curator Karolina Kilian came across a 1933 'Australian Women's Weekly' article about the Church of England Homes for Children.

Forgotten Australians, memories, poetry

The Crucified #1

Carole May Smith shares a poem written by her deceased brother Christopher Peter Carroll. Chris grew up in homes in three states. He died just before Carole was to meet him after a 15 year separation.