Forgotten Australians

Open letter to Prime Minister Kevin Rudd

by Darlene McKay (guest author) on 21 December, 2009

Darlene McKay spent her childhood in many homes, including Allambie Reception Centre in Burwood, Victoria. Here she shares a letter she wrote to Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

Darlene McKay with the letter she wrote to Prime Minister Kevin Rudd
Darlene McKay, Suzanne Brown and James McKay at the National Apology

30th October 2009

Mr Rudd, PM

One Forgotten Child

Everyone of us has a story and we all have that one BIG question!!

What happened Mr Rudd, that the Government took our innocence, our security and our families? And why did the Nuns treat us that way Mr Rudd?

Didn’t they know we were scared!

Why did that Man at Allambie think that I would trade a bag of spearmint leaves for a feel of his penis?

Why DID the Government feel that they could trade my obedience for 2 cigarettes a day?

Mr Rudd why couldn’t I see my family, WHO made that decision?
Why Mr Rudd didn’t the Government protect me at 14 years old when a boy I lived with felt it wasn’t my right to be a virgin?

And Mr Rudd why couldn’t that Government nurture me into a whole person.

It’s those mistakes our Government made took me 50 years of confusion, insecurity, shame and humiliation, but I’ve learnt those lessons Mr Rudd that has me here today still asking those questions.

Do you think SORRY covers it? It doesn’t cover it for my sister or my brother either!

We had to teach ourselves how to love and be loved, to be a good parent to undo those mistakes the Government made, and to also forgive.

Mr Rudd Do you have any answers?

Thank You Mr Rudd for listening to one forgotten child. Thank you for the invitation I’ll see you on the 16th November at Parliament House.

Yours Sincerely
Darlene McKay nee Warren

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  1. Thank you Mr Rudd and Mr Turnbull, it was a heart felt apology, But it has been 6 months, and my husband hasnt heard from his sister yet, Were the promises hollow,? l was standing next to my mother-in-law when Mr Turnbull. with tears in his eyes, promised my husband and his mother that he would find his sister, her daughter. My mother-in-law is not a well lady, Can they still count on you and Mr Turnbull? She was a little girl that was given away, help her find her way home, her family needs her. Your Sincerly.

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