4 thoughts on “Nudgee Orphanage”

  1. hi i have finally found some information about nudgee orphanage. i was an infant placed there 2 times and as a little child and would like to verify same as my mother is not alive .it has always made me wonder alot of things. just want to confrm that i was there. can you help please?? maiden name was Siebenhausen thanks for your time

  2. My grandmother was placed in this orphanage after her mother died in 1956. She never really talked about it much apart from that it was a horrible place. She would have been 10 when she was placed there. I’m trying to find any information on her stay there and photos if any. Her name was Maureen Luscine Mannion. But her last name could have been changed while in there.

  3. I work for Mercy Family Services, Queensland and provide services for former residents of St. Vincent’s Home, Nudgee. If former residents are trying to access the Home’s records, I am very happy to help with that. I can be contacted via email, colleen.manning@mfsq.org.au or phone 07 3267 9000

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