Forgotten Australians, memories, Stolen Generations

My life in the cold, numb inhumane days

by Rhonda Trivett (guest author) on 7 September, 2010

My book that is coming out in December is called My Life in the Cold Numb Inhumane Days:

From when I was taking away from my mum at 3 months old then I was locked up from the age of 7 going since I was the age 8 until I was 21 years of age.

It talks about how female murderers that they couldn’t handle in jail were put into Osler house in Wolston Park Hospital with children 11, 12, 13 and 14 year olds in the early 1970s.

And how these children were murdered, killed, bashed and raped with acts of forced cannibalism in our own country Australia, when they were supposed to be getting looked after, being a wards of the state as children. I was only 13 going on to 14, a stolen and forgotten child as well and after being raped and bashed all them years.

Watching my friends get murdered. How I ended up on heavy drug and alcohol and Metho drinker and how I stoped. how did I even become a Satan worshiper and what drive me.

How I met a real love. How I see life and who screwed me.

Why did this happen to me and other children? And how I want wrongs made right and their needs to be justice. How I see life.

How I rehabilitated my self and how I have suffered and I suffer now.