Forgotten Australians, poetry

No more silent tears

by Leigh Westin (guest author) on 16 September, 2010

Leigh Westin was a resident of Scarba House and Parramatta Girls’ Home, both in New South Wales. Here she shares her latest poem. The apology mentioned in the poem refers to that of the NSW Government.

No more silent tears

The years have gone past

I’m older now and remember at last

Blocked away for nearly fifty years

At long last I can cry real tears

My mum passed when I was four

Tears flowed easily and reached the floor

In the Home where I was placed

They belted me for crying

So I dried my little face

Leaving the Home and growing into my teens

I cried inside so not to be seen

The silent tears made me want to scream

Hitting out at others, I was so mean

Until I was locked in another Home

For running away the streets I would roam

Picked up by the welfare who did not care

Sentenced to Parramatta, it just wasn’t fair

I blocked everything to protect my mind

Taking on other things I thought was fine

September 19th 2009 the Government said Sorry

My memories came back but not in a hurry

Over the last ten months through depression and pain

All memories have surfaced and now I feel sane

Getting my life together so my family can gain

I do cry wet tears, as I have no fears.

29 thoughts on “No more silent tears”

  1. Thanks Cathy if i didnt write this to get the pain out who knows what i would of done.
    I would not have killed my self so dont think that,writing this just helped me to cope sml xxxx

  2. Im now doing a wall build from hankies from as many FAs as I can,each are writing their names and Homes they were in and will be sewn around a centre piece with the words NO MORE SILENT TEARS FOR FORGOTTEN AUSTRALIANS with tears drops on it,If anyone would like to add hankies to this please let me know.If they ( the hankies) are done in a ladies size hankie to show we are all equal that would be great.Ill need them no later the SEPT as I need to sew them all together so I can take this to Adele in NOV. Email me and I will give you an address to send it to.Also if you have loved ones who have passed away you can do one for them as well.I have written mine in black pen and sewn around the writing.Thanks so much and Thanks Leigh xxx

  3. Thank you so much Adele.This is a wonderful way of getting the word out to as many FAs as I can.Thanks leigh

  4. Hi: Leigh Western,

    Thankyou for your testomony in poem form which was terrible and horrific experiences you went through.
    Many Forgotten Australians went through simular and much more like dirty pedophile priests/ carers, raping young boys up their rear end and rapes to females like Rhonda T. and others in adult mental asylums.
    I wonder if those pedophiles read the book about sex with boys by Scientist Alfred Kinseys friend Wardell .B. Pomeroy who actually promoted the idea of boys having sex with annimals, and in a differant publication wrote, ” Incest between adults and younger children can prove to be satisfying and enriching experience. Scientist Alfred Kinsey would of loved those sick criminal pedophile perpterators and no doubt they would see Scientist Alfred Kinsey as their mentor. Check Scientist Alfred Kinsey on the net.

    “What I find very disturbing, is government regulations allow that corporal punishment may be administered for offences against morality, gross impertinence, or for persistent disobedience.”. Children in institutions/orphanages were not what you call naughty, but were classified as naughty for standing up to nuns abuse or if one ran away. I vomited my bread with milk that had no sugar, nuns forced fed the remaining food then canned me for performing. The caning took place in the hall way as you walk out from the dining area where we ate.

    Forgotten Australians have told their cruel experiences as a child, ” how they had to obey.” Yes, it was with fear and trembelling where your ‘mind” would freeze because of the fear and couldnt think and forced to obey their every word. Any child that had the guts to stand up to their extreeme authority, as they had the authority to execute government policy. To me, that proves both government polices and the nuns following with procdure were equally to blame, and it certinally was systems of abuse.

    Children that had a gut full of seeing cruel treatment done to children including themselves, and taking it into their own hands like my sister who went up to the nun grabbed her cane and broke it in half in front of everyone and she is glad she did as someone had to. Dr. Bessell is correct by saying children had no Human Rights.

    I know that 12 girls ran away from the orphanage that I was in , I was the youngst that ran away at 7 years of age. I still see the matrons face when she caught me, her face screwed up then asked me why I ran away to which I replied, ” I want to be with normal people’ , but now as a adult my reply would be to be in an normal enviournment.
    Then running away at 14 yrs of age 3 times for the feeling of FREEDOM, the same feeling as the Australians that were kept hostage by sergents over in Araq. I could relate how their freedom felt.

    The worst punishment for the F.As that stood up to nuns/ carers abusive authority or as they say ‘disobedience” and for running away and who knows what ever other reasons . They were dumped into adult mental asylums where the mentally crinimally insane were as a form of punishment. In the asylum they gave them multipal electric shock treatment put in straight jackets drugged worse than zombies , one drug given melted plastic, raped and one girl escaped from the asylum due to being threatened they would keep her there for life. I met that lady at the apology in Brisbane Parliament on the 24/4/10 and can assure you, there is nothing wrong with her mind and as it turned out there never was. This makes me wonder and would like conformation , if the institutions/orhpanages was paid by the government double the money by sending them to the asylums as they did with the Duplissis Orphans in Quebec, as Australia Cananda and Britian are under the same British ruling ,what happened there could of happened here.
    All abuse as described above must of been government aproved, and I bet they would defend what they did by saying it was right. My sister told a journlist Jason Tin, ‘hell can freeze over and she will never forgive what those bastards did to her.’

    Questions please.

    1. Was Tufnell Home Nundah Brisbane called the Home of the Good Shepard, if so then Government stating corporal punishment is not resorted to in the Home of the Good Shepard is not true.
    2. Shoving my sister into the pitch black dungeon for hours giving her bread and water and telling her she was the devil, do readers consider that as justified corporal punishment.
    3. Would Adele and Dr. Bessell agree dumping Forgotten Australians into adult mental asylums for supposing adolesecent rebellion or for what ever reasons as a form of punishment is justified.
    4. Given multipal electric shock treatment under duress, put in straight jackets, drugged worse than zombies, sexual acts were performed I was told happened, psychiatrists twirling his fingers into girls vaginas… justified.

  5. Dear Christine,Im so sorry about went on in many places you have mentions.I know the time spent in Parramatta girls home a lot of the girls went though this also.Plus In my time there one girl came back from HAY she was there for 4 months and came back 3 months pregnant.The Officer who did this to here was transferred never charged.So much was covered up in all these place.I also in My time in Parramatta spent many hours in Isolation.I remember scrumbing the Coverway with a toothbrush from 6pm til 6am and then locked in Iso for 24hrs with 3 serves of bread and a cup of water.A thin mattress was given of a night to sleep on.We could only go to the toilet when they gave us the plate with the bread on it.I was not sexully abused whislt I was In either home.But my uncle sexully abused me from the age of 6 til 10.My brother-in-law raped me when I was 13yrs old.I blocked this all out but since the unvailing all these bad memories have surfaces and Im still dealing with them.The DDP did charged my brother-in-law last yr but due to time factor,his word against mine the charges had to be dropped.In saying that now 2 other kids have came out in my family and are in counselling and hopefully one day charges will be laid on him.I know many FAs who have gone though so much,and we support each other.I truely cant answer your questions as I dont know the answers..Maybe Adele can I sure hope so.On facebook we have also opened groups to support all FAs.Last year with the help of Garage sales i was able to raise $ for some of us to go to Tamworth Country Music.We had a great time and we educated some people on what us as FAs went though.I hope you find the answer to your questions and if you need support you have my email address.I will support you in anyway I can.Thanks Leigh Westin

  6. Hi; Leigh,

    Terrible how you were put in isolation. The question should be asked, did government consider isolation that you were in as justified punishment as per policies.

    The other girl that was sent to Hay for 4 mts and returned 3 mts pregant and the officer not charged, did she keep her baby or was it taken from her by force at birth?. To cover up what happened proves government knew rapes occured.

    Interesting how the same abuse happened not only at Parramatta but all over Australia.
    Did you know anyone from Parramatta that was dumped into adult mental asylums for adolesecent rebellion to authorites abuse, then were given electric shock treatment.

  7. Hi Christine.Thats girls baby was taken from her plus there were others in there that their babies were taken from them also.Im not sure if others were put in medtal hospitals eta.I can find out though im in touch with a lot of ladies who i was in Parramatta with,ill get back to you on that asap.
    We didnt asked question in there as if we were caught asking another “”WHAT HAPPENED”” we would be punished.I know we did talk about a lot of things and i learnt so much from these girls in saying that we had to whisper just in case we were heard.
    To be honest with you once i found out how bad HAY was I began to behave ( well in front of the officers and matron) as I was on my last warning.Us girls stuck together and so many of us are still in touch as I said.Parramatta had the worst name and illl tell you why.An Officer had raped some of the girls in 1960 some girl had had enough and her and a few others climb a roof and stated screaming for help.This was called a riot and so thats how Parra got a bad name.They didnt beleive the girls and thats when they opened HAY and sent what they called THE TROUBLE MAKERS down to HAY.If you can go on Google and get onto the FORGOTTEN AUSTRALIANS WEBSITE find my friend Wilma Robb and listen to what she has to say.Wilma wasnt in there when the riots were on nor was I but that will give you an Idea of how they were treated in Hay.I dont know how they came back alive to be honest with you.Thanks Leigh

  8. Hi, Leigh,

    My girlfriend of 30 yrs was in Parramatta Girls Home. A couple of her jobs was with the painters and the furnace girl.

    An officer threatened that she was to be sent to Hay, the information is mentioned in her FOI. Horrific abuse happened to her at Parramatta by a couple of male officers that left her body disfigured and mamed, but I cannot go into details what happened without her permission. This same girlfriend does not agree with museums as she states that they are just a another glorfication of the dispicable attrocities that the Australian Government Leaders willfully inflicted on Australians and its people, the pits of all little children and they enjoy wallowing it like vomit in bringing it up.
    Do you remember officers Johnson and Greenway and how did they treat you?

  9. Christine She may well know me as they were there when I was,so was H.,Funny though they are all in Nursing Homes not far from where I live.Leigh wasnt my first name then I changed it because I didnt want to be THAT DIRTY LITTLE SCUM I was told and beleived I was for many yrs.
    I dont mind putting my poems eta into the museum as with my poems it has helped me somewhat deal with things from my past.You Have my email address so if you talk to your friend ask her what yr she was there and if your able to tell me her name.
    Ill understand if she doesnt ok.I also work on the furnance and laundry most of my time there.Thanks Leigh

  10. Hi; Leigh,

    I too dont mind explaining what happened to my sister and myself, my sister gave me her consent. Its embrassing and shameful talking about it, but somehow it gives one strenght by talking about it and releases anger to expose a barbaric systems of abuse that happened to innocent children the Forgotten Australians.

  11. Hi Christine.
    I prefer to talk about it as i reliese I was just a little girl when I 1st become a FA.I know now I wasnt that bad little girl that for a long time and so many adults saying this to me,growing up you beleive these things.Im a mum and a Nana now and putting poems eta out helps me to deal with these issue I had.We never had a childhood as such but i may sure my children never ever felt the way I did as a child.By doing what I have done with my children I now know I broke that cycle.And getting the word out about who we are as FAs has also helped educate so many.Thanks leigh xxx

  12. Hi: Adele,

    I would appericate if you could so kindly answer the 4 questions at the bottom of my letter addressed to Leigh Western on the 14/4/11 at 2.10 pm. Then request that you please forward the same to Dr. Bessell to answer with thanks. Heading thank you for your testomony [ Leighs] in peom form.

    Do you or Dr. Bessell agree that Forgotten Australians deserved to be dumped into adult mental asylums because of their” adolesecent rebellion and supposing bad behavour” ;standing up to nuns abuse, nuns following government policies, in other words government allowed the Nuns to punish these “Disobedient Children ” as they were them to being disobedient to their authority.
    Forgotten Australians who were dumped into adult mental asylums where the mentally criminally insane were housed, where they were drugged worse than zombies, [one drug given, melted plastic, so what would that drug done to their organs ] electric shock treatment , straight jackets , psychiatrist twirling his fingers into their vaginas.
    By the way were you at all influenced by the supposed new teachings of Scientist Alfred Kinsey?Apparently his teachings were widely accepted as true by Academia did you except his teachings when you did your degree as being right.?

    If you Adele and Dr. Bessell agree and justify the government policies , punishment for disobedience which happened as above to those GOD given intellegant gutsy girls defending themselves & other children from the cruel policy treatment executed by nuns/ carers.
    If you agree with the government policies , please explain why you agree with the cruel punishment stating you believe Forgotten Australians deserved all what they got and the girls that tried to protect other children from such abuse were the ones deemed as naughty or disobedience or gross impertinence.

    DO YOU JUSTIFY government policies and procedures by nuns/carers that was done to Forgotten Australians? I have noticed that many of these Nuns and Priests had Absolutely No family relationships and of course were not married , and yet were “looking after these children. Would you send your $50,000 car to the green grocer to get him to fix it ? Hardly , yet it was allow people with absolutely NO FAMILY experience to look after children! and correct them in any measure or way for whatever Government and Churches deem as “naughty”??? Many of these Nuns and Priests have been found out to be Homosexual and Lesbians [part of the stupid idea some churches have in forbidding these people to marry] and they abused these children also in that manner.

    PLEASE ANSWER in detail with thanks. Failing to answer would lead me to think you and Dr Bessell agree with all of their policies and procedures to FAs .
    I am not attacking you Adele or Dr. Bessell, but am looking for ANSWERS.

  13. Thanks Christine,
    Forgive me for my delayed reply. we are in the throes of organising and exhibition here at the National Museum in Canberra and there is lots to do before we can open in November this year.

    I have not forgotten your insightful questions Christine so forgive me if I am unable to reply immediately.

    Tufnell home in Nundah, Queensland, was run by the Society of the Sacred Advent, an organisation that was part of the Church of England, so not a Home run by the Sisters of the Good Shpeherd. Nevertheless, your observation Christine is still pertinent. It is a mistake to report that corporal punishment was not used Good Shepherd Homes. Moreover, it is fair to conclude that much of the physical abuse, including your description of the abuse inflicted on your sister, that occurred in Homes was not corporal punishment at all, but criminal assault.

    The incarceration of children in adult mental health facilities, too, was a failure by government to ensure care of children. As a result, survivors understandably, and successfully, lobbied the Queensland Government to apologise for this practice. Fr. Wally Dethlefs’ description of his work, which can be read on this website, also supports your argument Christine that children were abused in mental health institutions.

    It is so courageous of you to share your expereinces Christine and understandable that you would want answers.

    With best wishes,

  14. PS Christine, I understand that Dr Sharon Bessell is currently undertaking research in Europe so please don’t assume that an absence of reply is a lack of interest in the your concerns. I knwo, from her work, that she is passionate about child welfare policy. Despite her overseas study, I have let her know about your query.

    Again, thank you for all your pertinent contributions Christine.

  15. Hi: Adele and Dr. Bessell,

    Adele; Dr. Bessell having passion on policies for child welfare, I would imagine she would know what government policies were to children that were dumped into adult mental asylums for adelesecent rebellion to nuns. Nuns who executed what they “thought’ was government policies corporate punishment. To the nuns they probally believed shoving 8 year old children into the pitch black dungeon for hours at a time given bread and water telling them they were the devil, was fair corporal punishment.

    What I find to be criminal and not just ‘government failed to care for children dumped into mental asylums.’ It looks to me that government policies had delebrite intentions placing FAs into adult mental asylums, knowing they would be used for all sorts of experiements. This was an experience in Eugenics that went on for many years and cost the lives of possibly thousands of FAs and completely stuffed up many many more children.
    What is equally dispicable is the fact that those who are aware and or were involved in all of this , have remained silent, possibly for a number of reasons. I believe that some of these peole would have written books and articles about all of these things they were involved in, but these books and articles seem to have been all collected and hidden away.

    We would appreciate to hear from you and to know what you have found out about all of this , unless of course you too have been “worded or forbidden to speak about all of this”.What was the Governments policy on children FA,s that were dumped [ although I believe this was a planned move so as to have a certain number of “Guinea Pigs ” to experiment on ] into Mental Asylums? As in the case of the Duplessis Orphans in Canada between the 40s and 60s, none of these were mentally deficient in any way, but they were just “Reclassified” as Mentally deficient and placed in those Mental Hospitals for all sorts of experiments and abuses[Eugenics Programs ] to be carried out on them, and the Government was charged DOUBLE the rate for this scam!!

    The Catholic Church was able to get away with over $70 MILLION from this scam!! They have not paid back this rort either , But the Government was also guilty as they ripped off the Taxpayer from all of this too, as they were in it together!
    Over here in Australia this same ploy was used too I believe, as we are also part of the British Commonwealth and these Indigenous and Orphan “projects were going on .

    Can you please explain what the government plans and policies were[ I believe you know] for FAs that were dumped into adult mental asylums.

  16. Hi; Adele,

    Thankyou for replying to my letter dated 16/4/11 at 2.10pm please answer questions and please forward to Dr. Bessell. Your response 16/4/11 at 5.03 and 5.20pm.

    You stated it was criminal assult and not corporal punishment that was inflicted on my sister by the nuns at Tufnell Home, but stated children that were dumped into adult mental asylyms was only a failure of government.

    I would appericate if you answer my questions please.
    1. Do you consider children dumped into adult mental asylums where the mentally insane were housed, was not only a “failure of government” but also CRIMINAL ASSULT causing damage and possible deaths. Those who lost their lives in their whether from over drugged or failed electric shock treatment or possible lobotomys just as the Duplissis Orphans in Quebec, which makes that MURDER.
    It was more than “Government failure,” government knew exactly what was to take place with the F.As in those asylums. Dumping children in asylums was more than criminal assult.

    2. Please give me reasons why you think government refuse to compensate FAs that survived those bruital asylums. Government failing to compensate them leads me to think they AGREED with the criminal and tortured treatment that was done to them.

  17. Hi; Adele,

    I know you are busy, but would appericate if you would respond to my letter dated 17/4/11 at 9.57 am, addressed to Adele and Dr. Bessell having passion on policies for child welfare. FAs have the right to know as there are so many questions.THANKS.

  18. Hi; Adele,

    Our Government failed to care for children dumped into adult mental asylums. The Government KNEW what was to take place in the asylums, as it was all preplanned in accordance with this Eugenics Program that the Australian Government were involved in. They purposely sent so called “rebellious Forgotten Australians” into the asylums knowing and approving by that , that they were to be given all sorts of unproven vaccines , drugs etc and electric shock treatment.

    They were continually straight jacketed and drugged , so they were worse than zombies . The Doctors and Psychiatrists who were working here would be pleased with a continual supply of fresh “meat” as these children were looked upon as being.

    An eye wittness account says that she saw at one time 6 children being led down into the room where these Electric ShockTreatments were preformed , and saw only 3 return from there. One is left to conclude that many would have died from the effects of massive electric shocks and adverse reactions from all of this “Treatment” .

    We do know that this Electric Shock Treatment is useless, But one of the side effects from all of this is that it makes one lose their memory or parts thereof . This would have the main reason this “Treatment ” was used, as it covers over or hides so much of all the other abuse they were subjected to. In the cause of Medical Science this is all ok in these peoples eyes, But would certainly , definately not do it on their own children I believe,…. Agreed?

  19. Hi; Adele,


    Would it be correct to say that Parramatta Forgotten Australians that were classified as rebellous or for what ever reasons, were sent to Hay. But in Queensland the rebellous Forgotten Australians were sent to the tortuous hell hole adult mental asylums.

  20. Dear Christine,

    Thanks for your message. It is my understanding, from the Queensland Govt. Forde Report (1999) that the (mis)use of the psychiatruc model in dealing with so-called “deliquency” was influenced by the Dewar Reports (1959 and 1963) which recommended “treatment”-oriented approach. It is interesting to note that former child imates of psychiatric institutions did not feel “treated” but punished, assuming of course that they even needed psychiatric treatment in the first place (these personal accounts may be found on this website and at: https//

    More can be read about this policy on page 46 onwards of the Forde Report which can be downloaded at:

    Thanks again Christine for initiating such an important discussion.

    With best wishes,

  21. Hi; Adele,

    Thankyou for your response dated 25/4/11, 11.05 am, it is my understanding the Qld Government Forde Report 1999.

    I did not know of any “delinquents” in orphanages . The orphanage that I was in 12 children ran away, I have their names written down; there probally were more, but I was the youngst at 7 years of age. When the matron caught me she asked me why I ran away , my response” because I wanted to be with normal people; but as an adult my answer would be in an normal enviourmnent where love warmth cuddles effection freedom expression of your thoughts and indivuallity.

    Our enviroment was obeying their extreme authority and if you didnt obey you got the cane or put in the dark room and yelled at. I remember my mind would freeze with fear and all I knew was to obey orders and work.
    When it was visitors day the community was allowed to look around in the orphanage and at us children. I remember feeling it was like we were in a zoo checking us children out and one of the visits I begged a visitor to please take me out which they were allowed once.

    Childrens hair was pulled and we were caned and slapped for speaking, moving ,wetting the bed or not eating food that you couldnt consume which nuns forced fed the remaining food that I vomited,” stating you must eat everything on your plate.”
    I remember one time when the bell rang and we had to stand in a straight line and a girl ran up to sister Agness or Angelar[ not sure which one] grabbed her cane that she was waving arround and broke it in front of us. My thoughts were the nuns saw her as naughty; but I also thought she was very game for standing up to the nuns.
    Not long after that incident, I was introduced to her as being my sister. I did not see her in the orphanage prior to that incident, I did not know she was my sister, some how we were hidden from each other.

    Children running away, wetting the bed, moving or speaking obviously were deemed as naughty or a deliquent, but im telling you THEY WERE NOT. I ran away from a system of abuse which was backed by Government policies, the carers were following policies they were permitted to give corporal punishment no matter what psychological abuse abnormal enviourment or disobedience to cruel authority, with no one understanding how the system effected and damaged children.

    The girl who broke the Nuns cane was simply just reacting to the excessive abuses she and other children were subjected to! But this was not recorded as such. She would of been tagged as a “Delinquent “in this system and had to be corrected as the system deemed as necessary, which was often very harsh, and then taken off to the Mental Hospital for “Treatment”, or really just to be experimented on and “Monitored , as the FOI stated.

    Deliquence I dont believe existed in orphanages/institutions, thats the term government tagged children from the abusive policies. The children with GOD given ability to stand up to the abuse didnt stand a chance. WHAT CRUEL POLICIES, tears pouring down my face while writing this and so vivid as if it was happening today.
    This whole system was really just a “Eugenics program” with carefully planned ways and means of getting :Guinea Pigs” to experiment on and watch and monitor. Its stupid to believe that you give “Electric Shock Treatment “to young girls for simply just reacting against the way Nuns and Carers executed their authority which was abusive as it was a systems of abuse they followed.

    It was systems of abuse, nuns and carers following to the best of their ability the system and a barbaric system that government allowed torture of children with electric shock treatment for REBELLION[ to abuse], put in straight jackets, drugged worse than zombies is CRIMINAL abuse, equally criminal abuse as those children that were sexually raped. Why isnt electric shock treatment for rebellion acknowledged as abuse?
    Further abuse was sodomy and rape which was criminal , but omitting electric shock treatment for rebellion, straight jackets drugged worse than zombies as not criminal abuse is CRIMINAL. Its all abuse isnt it ?

  22. Thanks Christine,
    If I may say, you are most articulate in your analysis of the mis-use of the term “delinquents”. I neglected to add in my reply that I wasn’t endorsing the view that running away was a sign of delinquency. Why didn’t anyone ask why children were running away? What were they running away from? Why lock them up?

  23. Hi; Adele,

    In response to your lettler dated 28/4/11 9.59am, articulate analyisis misuse term “delinquents’.

    It had nothing to do with what you had said in reference to “delinquents”. What I was saying, I knew no delinquent children in the orphanage I was in and stated children that did the wrong thing by carers government policies they would of deemed them as delinquents, especially the children that were dumped into adult mental asylums for rebellion running away etc as described in my previuos letter dated 28/4/11 6.59 am.

    I will say again for government to agree to” dump” [ not really the correct term, -shafted into would be more correct I believe ] children into adult mental asylums for “adolesecent rebellion” and what they deemed as bad behavour, they must of catoratized those children as “delinquents”,. and those children that needed their rebellion and bad behavour corrected.

    What was evil in my opion, children in those days had no freedom understanding to childrens broken hearts. Children running away standing up to nuns/carers over the top authority and being in an abnormal enviourmnent wasnt taken into consideration, children were forced to obey and work… no matter what.
    How about a demonstration of what took place with FAs be experiemented on you Adele or PM. Julia Gillard and opposition leader Tony Abbort, see how you would respond and if you would LIKE it, and if you objected how about a course of Electric Shock Treatment and drugs for a time ?

    Government dumping children into adult mental asylums for “so called “rebellion,” must of being the only way they considered childrens rebellion can be corrected through ‘treatment’ and they knew what treatment was to be done thats why they sent them there as that was their last resort, such as electric shock treatment straight jackets drugged worse than zombies.

    Please answer. Do you believe the above treatment will correct a child who is rebellous?, if you do agree then how about every rebellous child adolesecent in society today be dumped into adult mental asylums where the mentaily insane are housed then give them this wonderful curable treatment for rebellion, electric shock treatment put straight jackets drugged worse than zombies.
    I personally believe that the whole scam of “Reassing all these kids as “Rebellious was just a ploy to get them into these Mental Hospitals where these Psychiatrist could do all their experiments on them, plus certain organisations like the Catholic Church would receive a much higher rate of money for looking after these “Mentally deficient children.
    This is exactly what these people did in Canada with the Duplessis Orphans …..and they raked in over $70 MILLION between the 40s unto the 60s , for that move!These Canadian” Brothers” would no doubt have told their Australian “Brothers ” about this scam and encouraged them to do the same thing.

    As abusive as the Nuns/carers were unto Forgotten Australians , what happened in the Mental Hospitals was 100 times more abusive and cruel. The Government were well aware of all of this and it was a preplanned treatment , so that they could “monitor all of their reactions and such ” as part of a long term science study as it was called .” Reassessing” these Orphans as “Disobedient and rebellious” was not a Government failure , but a carefully thought out way of getting all these “Guinea Pigs” to experiment on. As thousands of these Orphans went “Missing” how come no one is saying anything about it at all? Prime Minister Menzies said in a speech many years ago that these Orphans were not really worth anything and in essence giving these Doctors and Psychiatrist the Green Light on their “work” I believe.

    My sister said, she has no regrets standing up to nuns/carers abuse someone had to and stated, no child should be treated as some were in the orphanage. She said nuns couldnt break her sprit, but the government got her at the end from torture in the asylum under duress. How can anyone expect to forgive what government bastards did to her with their wonderful preplanned treatment., electric shock treatment, straight jackets, drugged worse than zombies for REBELLION.

  24. Thanks Christine,
    I do not believe that children belong in adult wards of psychiatric hospitals.

    The function of this site is not to air my views. Instead, it exists so that those who were in children’s institutions can share thier experiences so that others may understand.

    It is your views and experiences that matter most Christine. I am learning from you.

  25. Hi; Adele,

    Thanks for your response dated 2/5/11, children dont belong in adult mental asylums.

    Government committed CRIMES against children by dumping them into adult mental
    asylums for adolesecent rebellion, runnways etc and allowing their wonderful curable TREATMENT for rebellion in adult mental asylums. Electric shock treatment, electricity volts causing damage such as memory loss. Wonderful planned government treatment to cure rebellion.

    No “Just’ human being defending the Forgotten Australians that went through that torture in those mental asylums, not even Clan, Broken Rites, Lotus, Politicians.
    In my opion if I am allowed to express please, people seem to be full of wind with no actions. Actions speaks louder than words in regards to what those F.As went through in those adult mental asylums.
    I will always remember S.T, R.T, B, J. E, my sister and all those who went through that torture and those who died from possible fits from side effects from shock treatment and Forgotten Austrailians that may of died in those adult mental asylums. What Forgotten Australians went through in those asylums was nothing but torture and cruelty.
    If children had psychiatric problems like mental insanity fair enough, but torturing children through shock treatment for rebellion is CRIMINAL ASSULT, worse criminal assult than nuns shoving children into the pitch black dungeon giving bread and water telling them they are the devil, dragging them by the hair, psychological abuse from systems of abuse, caning, forced food into your mouth after vomiting food that you couldnt consume etc.
    Forgotten Australians that had the God given abality to stand up to abusive nuns/ carers abuse and running away from systems of abuse then deemed rebellous and not taken into consideration the reasons why they stood up to abuses and systems of abuse.
    Dr. Bessell is right by saying Forgotten Australians had no Human Rights in those days.

    Law suites Feb. 1996 to Oct. 1998

    Blame the government as the agency responsible. Acknowledge some physicial and sexual abuses perpetrated by ” isolated individuals”, but refuse to apologize for financial compensation, refuse to comment on the issue of Genocide and deaths of children.

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