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  1. This memorial is exclusive and not inclusive of ALL THOSE THAT SPENT TIME IN CARE. It is a memorial by the wording for “Wards of state” Only. This memorial has caused further secondary heartache to those that have been excluded. A campaign has begun to have the wording on the plaque changed so that ALL THOSE WHO SPENT TIME IN AN INSTITUTION IN VICTORIA, GOVERNMENT, RELIGIOUS, SALVATION ARMY OR PRIVATE INSTITUTIONS WILL BE REMEMBERED AND NOT ONCE AGAIN FORGOTTEN.

  2. Thanks for providing further information Brenda – greatly appreciated.

  3. The reality is that this memorial IS for everyone and as such we each have to be respectful of limitations imposed by emotion …forgiveness is a two-way street.
    If we each continue to disregard the complete whole and only focus on every single aspect we will NEVER get anywhere.

  4. The 18years as a ward of the state our parents did the crime and we did the time

  5. Hi; Tania,

    Re your letter 15/7/11, Parents did the crime FAs did the time.

    Pre 73s, many children became wards of the state for a number of reasons and I can assure you it wasnt the parents fault in many cases.
    Government policies pre 73s before pensions came into place, children were taken off their parents for many reasons and not all of them legal like many of the British immigrant children who were bought out to Australia because their parents died in the blitz, which was a lie.

    Australian WW2 front line diggers had difficult family circumstances, particually unemployment & poverity and there were some parents that paid for their children to be in orphanages as their wives may of had a terminal illness or died.

  6. Tania NO crimes were committed by our parents nor by us .Christine you correct . This is and emotional problem our society leaders have a problem dealing with . Our community have accepted this . Its the leaders of State and Chuch who have advisers who are badly out of touch . Still NO excuse something FAs are often told when seeking moral and legal justice .

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