11 thoughts on “TV Documentary – Forgotten Australians”

  1. Bring on Oprah
    Hope her tour cover’s orphanges,institutions,foster care, and adoptions, child migrants
    would love to be their.

    C’os im not stopping my fight for justice till im dead.

  2. I do hope this will be available on DVD,as there will be so many FA away in Canberra and other places celebrating our first anniversary.I know I will miss seeing this important story,so if anyone knows if it will be available please let me know.
    Have a great day everyone.
    Thank you Joanne Sassoon and Jay Arthur for all of your help this past year.

  3. Hi Lynn,

    The DVD “The Forgotten Australians” can be purchased from Enhance TV. You can access the relevant webpage at:

  4. “TV Documentary – Forgotten Australians”

    The Documentary – was nothing but CLAN , CLAN advertising

  5. An important piece of history that should be shared with everyone.
    That way we can guard against repeating it.

  6. Yes John, the program was about CLAN – that’s what it was advertised as being about. Also please remember if there was no CLAN there would have been no apology and no Senate Inquiry – Good luck to Joanna and Leonie they have done a great job in raising the awareness of homies. What’s the problem?

  7. Dear Adele,
    Thank you for your email last week and so glad that you saw the SBS documentary on F.A.’s. We have been overwhelmed with the response..

    I wanted to let you know that CLAN does have the DVD for sale for personal use only

    We are selling it for the makers of the documentary Nell White and Nicky Woolmington. CLAN is not gainging a cent from the sale of the DVD.

    The cost is $30 for the DVD and posting and handling.

    If anyone is interested in buying the DVD, send Cheques, money orders to
    CLAN, P.O.Box 164, Georges Hall 2198 NSW.

  8. I thought it was a good story but there needs to be a follow up on how Forgotten Australians are coping today, some just aren’t . Also the Salvation Army didn’t get much of a mention , they did alot of damage to us children .

  9. This is the 1st tome iv looked into this site Thank you so much for having this to go to.

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