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Dr. Barnardo’s Farm Training School

 Doreen Lyon  11 November, 2010

Doreen Lyon is the curator of the Oaks Historical Society’s new exhibition, With the Best of Intentions – Stories from Dr. Barnardo’s Farm Training School at Mowbray Park, near Picton 1929-1959. It opened on November 7th at the Wollondilly Heritage Centre, 43 Edward Street, The Oaks, NSW 2570.

This is a multi-platform exhibition which includes objects, images, a catalogue of stories, silent films and a DVD of ten digital stories by Sandra Pires and Javier Valledor of Why Documentaries of Bulli, NSW. Over two hundred people attended the exhibition launch by Mary Louise Williams, Director of the Australian National Maritime Museum and the Hon Phil Costa, MP for Wollondilly. They included former Child Migrants and their families, members of the community and school friends from Picton Central and Mowbray Park Public Schools.

Books and DVDs are available from The Oaks Historical Society, PO Box 16 The Oaks for $15 each. The exhibition is open every weekend and public holiday from 10am – 4 pm. It will close from Dec 21st and re-open January 26th 2011 and run until December 2012.

Further information is available at the Wollondilly Heritage Centre website.

2 thoughts on “Dr. Barnardo’s Farm Training School”

  1. Hi
    I am an ex Mobray Park Boy, and am looking for information for my book currently being written by me as the memories return.
    Any info would be greatly appreciated
    With thanks

  2. Dear Jack

    Have you any connection to Bill Hoyles at Barnardos Australia because he knows most of the people in our project at The Oaks. Cliff Remmer has a website you may relate to ( called the Nardy Reunion club which has online photos at Mowbray Park and other homes. I collected stories from Don Courts, Norm and Alick Robertson, Norman Gallagher, Bill Moverly, John Bicknall, John Ruffels, Bruce Jones, Kathleen Springett, Cliff Remmer, Henry Wheeler, Paul Schmitt, Martin Driscoll plus memories from people in the community – Muriel McKinnon (1939), John Fergusson and the bus driver Bill Nolan. If any of these people are of use to you I can give you their contacts.

    There will be a reunion of Mowbray Park the third Saturday in November. Usually this is in Picton but this year it will be at The Oaks in our museum.

    Perhaps you could come and see the exhibition? It may stimulate the memory! The DVD has some good stories on too.

    Regards Doreen Lyon, Exhibition curator (HON)

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