3 thoughts on “Victorian Forgotten Australians memorial”

  1. The highlite of the day was meeting up with old friends from some of the homes I was in. Over the years I often wondered what happened to this one and what happened to that one and where are they now. It was good to hear how some have got on with thier lives not so good to hear of some who took thier lives or accidently overdosed from drugs and alcohol, others still suffering the affects of the abuse they suffered from in the homes and alot of them living in appalling conditions. I still can’t understand why the Government & Churches will not address this issue head on. They keep shoving it under the carpet and hope it will all just go away. Now wonder we are called the Forgotten.

  2. Yes gabrielle, the churches are the sneakiest of the lot, the gov should get some guts about it all and help us feel like Wanted Australians, Not Forgotten, hearing that makes my skin crawl, how can you forget,??? OOOPS just slipped my mind that we Raped, pilaged and plundered 250.000 Little souls,, Wake up,,, It happened, It was REAL,, now help us heal, stop playing with our heads again, you’ve already ruined our souls, Julia Gillard this will not go away,, too many distroyed families and Broken hearts. Pick up OUR Pieces,!!!!!!!

  3. There were no highlights for me, and im scared that the girls l knew may not be anymore. Unit 64, Allambie, Blackburn cottages,, ????????

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