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Salvos’ apology

by Adele on 4 December, 2010

The Salvation Army apology for survivors of Salvation Army Girls and Boys Homes of Australia will take place on Tuesday 7 December at Old Parliament House in Canberra. An article in today’s Sydney Morning Herald discusses the significance of the apology.

2 thoughts on “Salvos’ apology”

  1. Thank God for the Salvos ????
    Fry in hell in the ranks of the dear old army
    beneath the yellow, red and blue. There’s no
    place for this warrior no more to hide in fear.

  2. Apology? why? for the tortures inflicted? was a nine year old meant to have no mind? Never forgetting having been stripped naked, stood on a dining table, so the others could jeer, and forced to drink nine cups of hot water, as I could not drink tea! that was in the west. I am an old lady now. thinking if I mentioned the apology, and talked about it, to the salvos, they would understand….yeah, like hell. here in queensland country,they are pals with police, and refuse me service at their stores. Once, wanting to buy a dresser for my child, they refused, after saying they would keep it, for me till the next day.I was upset, then left. they sent a police-coward, without warrant or cause, who wrenched me from a public phone, tortured me, sending my screams to his mates.Big brave young fella working for the devil.(they manufacture deceitful lies about people, to destroy their reputations, so they can claim innocence, and collect money from the gullible)
    Salvos? I am a saved, born again, christian, who now eschews churches for good reason, we are a decent quiet living, sober, non-smoking, gentle family, and the salvos are a slanderous nasty lot of hypocrites. and after all these years, we finally have proof too, on paper. I still have nightmares of the uniformed major, who used to remove pretty blonde girls at nights-so glad I was ugly.They may have said sorry-it means nothing without asking for forgiveness-that-is the big one-so we are not able to forgive or forget.The cruelty lives on,nasty people, as does your slanders and nepotistic ways-
    You seem to think God is missing in action-“Thank God for the salvos’
    ?????WHY?because, in my forgiveness, once, I offered you most of my household contents, you mistakenly? took the lot-my children were left without blankets-we went to ask for only one or two back, for the night, you said NO! The ONLY reason to thank God, is to having been shown, hypocrisy dwells under banners of pretension-that wickedness is alive and well. Suffer the little children-fiends. Hope you enjoy the fires of hell.

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