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  1. i would like to no where you can get the book from as my husband was in Westbrook late 60s to early 70sm and he no what went on

    your faithfully
    Mrs b Johnson

  2. Has it sold out again? My goodness it’s a popular read. I did a search on the internet for you Mrs Johnson and it seems to be out of stock. Or can a local book shop order it for you, assuming that there are some copies in storage somewhere? If not, might a library be able to assist?

  3. Hi: FAs,

    Worth reading about the apology given in Brisbane Parliament to FAs that were wrongfully placed into adult mental asylums as children. Contact details, Courier Mail 1300304020 if intrestered,but below is some of what was written.

    The Courier Mail 25/3/10 page 24 by Jason Tin, State sorry for pain and suffering. Speaking at an official ceremony, Minister for Community & Housing Karen Struthers said the state government heard countless stories of phyicial, sexual and psychologicial abuse. For many, these placements were not on the basis of a diagnosis of underlying psychiatric illness, but as a form of “punishment” for misbehaviour she said.

    My sister was placed into an adult mental asylum at 13 yrs of age till she was 15 , not for a mentall illness, her diagnosis adolesecent rebellion and bad behavour. Bad behavour was standing up to nuns/carers abuse, running away from the home [systems of abuse] and in my sisters FOI, refusing to do house work is mentioned.[slave labour]

    Her FOI states her diagnosis behavour problems and adolesecent rebellion. The treatment for her rebellion and bad behavour was 10 to 12 electric shock treatments, her eyes rolled back into her sockets, body shaking and in that state for a long time till she came back to her normal state from the shock treatment a wittness told me in writing. Shoved into a straight jacket under duress, heavilly drugged worse than a zombie.

    I asked my sister to describe the electric shock treatment. She said, they put wires on your head and temple like a helo then you would shake all over, it took all your brain and you couldnt think at all and your mind would go blank [out to it].
    I asked what she may of looked like after the treatment, she said she didnt know what she looked like, but she said when others came back from shock treatment, their eyes were rolling back and forwards trying to find their bearings and it would take sometimes hours or days before you would come back to normal way of thinking.

    How about voters prescribe multipal electric shock treatment for our politicians who are in treason of our constitution. Rebellion to our constitution.

  4. Hi, Wilma,

    Great news class action for child migrants.
    M.P Jenny Macklin should compensate Forgotten Australians for all the abuse they suffered at the hands of carers/nuns doctors psychiatrists and systems of abuse.

    Forgotten Australians were placed into adult mental asylums as young as 13 yrs of age for supposedly a form of punishment for rebellion to what nuns demanded them to do; but as the case with the Duplissis Orphans scam in Quebec Cananda, they were reclassified as mentally deficent and used as guinea pigs for the psychiatrists who were looking after them. They lobotomized 67 mentally healthy Duplissis Orphans, they cut their brains out then sent their bodies to Universities to be dissected and then burried in piggary yards.

    F.As as young as 13 yrs of age were given multipal electric shock treatment for their rebellion, there eyes rolled back into their sockets their body shaking uncontrollably and would stay in that state for hours and would take hours or days before they came back to their normal way of thinking. We know of at least 6 girls that were sent for shock treatment only 3 returned and never saw them again.

    How about CEOs personally ask F.As who had multipal electric treatment and those who were dumped into those asylums what happened and how it effected them.
    I wonder how may died from those treatments and were their bodies sent to Universites to be dissected as was the Duplissis Orphans Quebec Cananda.
    Electric shock treatments and agressivly placed into straight jackets and sexual abuse was done under duress to young children in government state care which was crimes against humanity.

    As Minister Jenny Macklin, she would of been aware of the data that would of been documented in the asylums [ not unless Anna Bligh and colleges had it this destroyed also]. But M.P Jenny Macklin does not acknowledge and compensate those victims.
    Isaiah 56.10 in the Bible
    His watchmen are blind, they are all dumb dogs, they cannot bark, sleeping, lying down, loving to slumber.
    To me this scripture is applicable to the plight of the FAs and the supposedly people who were looking after them.

    I would like to conclude, they do seem to have chosen certain types of children who were reclassified and experiment on. In my sisters case, strong willed a child who had God given guts to stand up to abuse, some one had to and she did with no regrets.
    Dr. Bessell is correct by saying Forgotten Australians had no human rights at all.

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