Forgotten Australians

Canberra drop-in centre

by Rhonda Trivett (guest author) on 11 February, 2011

Forgotten Australian Rhonda Trivett helps to run the Fun Night at Havelock House, 85 Northbourne Ave, Turner, ACT, every Friday night at 7.30 pm until late. Tea, coffee, cordial and snacks are available. Come along, sings songs, watch a film, play table tennis, pool or board games. There is a free BBQ and karaoke. No drugs or alcohol. Forgotten Australians welcome.

Rhonda invites you:

I and my friend started it because there is a need out there for something to do. If you want to play pool or go to karaoke you have to go to a pub. There is nothing out there after hours. So that’s why I and my friend started this. There’s so many people hurting that need somewhere to go.