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Is justice yet to come?

by Rhonda Trivett (guest author) on 2 March, 2011

In these videos, Rhonda Trivett details some of her experiences from the age of 13, from 1974 – 1981, when she was interned in the maximum security adult ward (Osler House), in Wolston Park Hospital and her call for current reforms.

Part 2 contains explicit descriptions of abuse, therefore we have not uploaded it onto the website. However, if you wish you can view part 2 below:

7 thoughts on “Is justice yet to come?”

  1. I’ve just finished watching your videos but I’m not sure why you are wearing bandages. Are you still being abused?

  2. Im sorry I could not hear the video even when my volume was set at maximum.What I did hear and with Christine’s info. I can insure all, that NSW has a large history of mental cruelty conducted on children when the child was mixed in with adult patients. There are many witnesses still alive who worked in these Inst. and many people who lived in and around these barbaric places of evil , who describe these unfortunates as having 2 heads 3 arms etc.. The Federal Gov. thu grants allocated to the Commonwealth Serum Laboratory need to explain to the rest of Australia why they have not taken up the call and investigated such claims of illegal practices and cover ups and therefore help those who are struggling to fine justice and healing.

  3. Hi: Adele,

    Doctors who wrote out the death certificts for the patients that were murdered and beaten to death in Wolsten Park as Rondah Trivett stated in her video on this site, must surely have known how they died and ‘lied like hell about it”, also the police who were involved would also of known and remained silent to.
    I wonder where they burried their bodies, or perhaps their bodies were sent or sold to Unversities for body parts for students when studying to be a Doctor. Unversities needed body parts back then just as they need them today for science purposes.

    We know normal mentally healthy Forgotten Australians were dumped into adult mental asylums as a form of punishment for rebellion and given multipal electric shock treatment for their rebellion and what they deemed as bad behavour. A Forgotten Australian who was placed into Goodna Mental Asylum for rebellion stated, she saw 6 girls were sent for electric shock treatment only 3 returned and never saw the other 3 again, they may of died from the shock treatment.

    I “wonder’, if Psychiatrists that performed the shock treatment was experienced or was it experiements a learning process testing how much electricity can be used on patients brains and if Forgotten Australian children died from the experiements then too bad as their bodies would be resourceful, another body for the Unversities another dollar they would get for their bodies.
    Also I wonder if government made deals with psychiatrists by selecting Forgotten Australians into the asylums specifically for shock treatment experiements, knowing full well deaths would occur and their bodies would be used for science as no one would miss Forgotten Australians.

    What I find most disturbing, Psychiatrists that did the shock treatments where deaths occured, surely their superiors would of known and they would of had to report to the government the State Childrens Department of the deaths and know very well if their
    bodies were sent to Unversities or where they were burried and if their deaths were registered with births deaths and marriages, or if police were imformed of their deaths from shock treatment.
    The sad thing of deaths in those asylums many would of been mentally healthy children just as the Duplissis Orphans in Quebec.

    If experiemental deaths from failed electric shock treatments did occur, then that makes it organized murder doesnt it? If that be the case and our Australian Government involved, this would certainly explain about their silence.
    I am not attacking Psychiatrist or our Government , but there are so many QUESTIONS that need to be answered.

  4. no i am free theses day but i go off my head and get hurt when i get my shell shock as some people know i t complexes post dramatic street syndrome. i am not crazy ant on any medications and not under any doctor since i got out.

  5. Hi Rhonda my heart goes out to you my freind i was placed into wolston park oslor house 1980.
    keep fighting girl and remember all those we left behind who have no voice.
    You are one of the most couragiouse women i have ever met, keep strong ithink of you often.

  6. I would like to comment on Rhonda’s videos. I have not been able to watch all of Rhonda’s videos as her story has caused me distress, to know of such horrendous things happening to children that should not be have been in institutions such as Osler house/Wolsten Park. I am feel sick to the stomach to learn of things that happened to Forgotten Australians such as Rhonda. I hope that all men and women (FAs) that have suffered in such ways are able to forgive those that harmed them so that they may move forward with their lives, and that they would get the assistance they need from the Government/Government agencies in order to do so. FAs have lost so much as a result of how they were treated as children and many of them are very damaged and angry and feel a desperate need for answers and for healing….they need our compassion and action to help them live “normal lives” as part of society. I have had the opportunity to meet Rhonda when we were both in Canberra in 2010, and I have seen first hand some of her struggles. I hope and pray that she (and others) get the assistance and healing they deserve.

  7. thanks sue so are you mate. lets go to the rally . please ring me your phone no has charged.

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