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Compensation users forum

by Adele Chynoweth on 18 March, 2011

Victims Services from the NSW Government Department of Justice and Attorney General will be holding a Compensation Users Forum on 27 April 2011.

The intention is for Victims Services to hold regular forums where people working in the area and accessing the services can attend and discuss recent trends and issues.

The aim is to make the process of applying for compensation and counselling easier for the people working in the area and more accessible to victims of crime.

Solicitors who work in victims compensation matters and any agencies or groups interested can attend on that day.

It will be held at 10.00am on Wednesday 27 April 2011 Level 4, Justice Precinct Building 160 Marsden Street Parramatta

The Forum will be hosted by the Director, Victims Services and the Registrar, Victims Compensation Tribunal.

13 thoughts on “Compensation users forum”

  1. Am I correct by saying that our Australian Government are perverting the cause of justice by not addressing the sadastic and barbaric action that was done on the Forgotten Australians.?

  2. Christine..we could say the Government of Australia are aiding and abetting crimes against all F.A.’S.
    In my adult life I certainly do not want to use services,services are preventing us from
    compensation I’d like closure and it will never come with having Govt funded services
    for us victims of past Govt run institutions we do not qualify to get support from law firms to sue our perpetrators.
    Law firms want us to morgage our homes to gaurentee their payments,yet if we were in Church institutions we’d be offered no win no fee policy.
    Compensation must be open to every F.A. to access.Not a minority group.
    Justice delayed is Justice denied…

  3. I agree with Marion, that simply offering “services” to Forgotten Australians does not address the wages owed us for forced labor (with interest, thank you). In some cases for loss of wages over a lifetime because of damage and stigma caused by abduction and oft’ times extra-judicial incarceration, that was simply expedient and in many cases based on erroneous assumptions or sheer speculation. We should take charge of this and lobby for it as a group.

  4. Hi,, Racheal Romero dated 23/3/11 . Wages for slave labor not services.

    Not only did Forgotten Australians work hard in the orphanages but foster homes too.

    My sister at 9 years of age and myself at 8, carrying the foster parents piss pots with shit in it down 4 steps, the piss and shit spilling onto us and empting it into the thunder box which was a fair way from the house was the worst job we did.
    We didnt even have to have a certificate to qualify for that job . I wonder what certificate children would have to have to do these days what we did then?

  5. I’m appalled that you had to endure that, Christine.

    Without wanting to take away from the uniqueness of the exploitation you experienced, your point about slave labour in foster homes is important and is also supported by Mim Willson-Dekker’s painting on this website.

    The specific detail in Mim’s work can be seen at:
    from the post at:

    Thanks for the reminder about foster care Christine.


    How can I access my Ward of the State records in SA.? I have been put on a wild goose chase.

    Also, records from the Pines in Adelaide Australia? 1960-1968????????

    Thank you

  7. Thanks Adele for understanding child slave labor that us the Forgotten Australians experienced, also thanks for the site about paintings on slave labor from Mim.
    How long ago were those painting done on child slave labor?

  8. Hi Christine,
    Mim completed her painting in 2002. The painting depicts the events that triggered her suicide attempt in 1971. Thank goodness the attempt failed.

  9. Hi Wendy,
    Regarding accessing your records, you can try the Post Care Services area within the SA Dept for Families and Communities. They have a freecall phone number: 1800 003 305
    More information about this service is at:

    With regard to accessing records from The Pines, Adelaide, the Good Shepherd Provincialate, head office in Melbourne should be able to assist you. You can phone their archivist on: (03) 9417 7581.
    Further information about this is on their website at:

    Let me know if you need any further information.

    Please accept my best wishes Wendy

  10. Hello Christine
    I support what you have said 100% it comes across that the government are preventing the course of justice,we we have the most hideous human rights abuses committed against us,and when no-one is accountable or acknowledges the mental health damage and everything else,it creates a further problem with mental health because there is no resolution to the human rights crimes and damages perpetuated against us.’justice is central moral principle of society’.
    I was in goodshepherd convent launderies the nuns decided my rebellious behavior did not warrant education so I was put to work,I recall young girls at the age of 8yrs standing on fruit boxes 2 tier high so they could reach into the huge washers with sticks to pull out boiling sheets to go through the mangles.
    We were handling soiled linen from fairfield infectious disease hospital.I can recall a nun with a cane stick that would wack these little girls for been tired from lifting heavy wet sheets all day,they were dropping of to sleep during the lunch break.
    We were all children up at 5am for prayers and from 6am to 6pm used as slave labour 6 days per week,this institutions are billion$ enterprises made of the backs of children yet no-one in the position of governments will make them accountable….WHY??

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