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‘A Severed Life’

by Rachael Romero (guest author) on 8 June, 2011

Rachael Romero, who was in the The Pines, the Convent of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd in Plympton, South Australia, shares her drawing A Severed Life.

Rachael writes about her art work:

Those responsible for our incarceration were looking in the mirror.
How many lives cauterized?
How many hands maimed?
Girls not protected but stained by unwarranted and self-righteous religious and civil presumption of guilt.
Their persecuters were looking in the mirror.

‘Magdalene Laundry Convent of Good Shepherd Crown’ by Rachael Romero
copyright 2011

1 thought on “‘A Severed Life’”

  1. On my Birth Certificate my mother has her name as ” Christabel Mary Lewis ” however on my siblings Birth Certificates she is recorded as being ” Christabel Mary Ward “. As I have discovered my mother was the illegitimit child to the unmarried Mary Ward.
    Who was her father ? Being from a devout Catholic family my mother was put into a convent in order to hide the shame and disguise the event. It has been suggested she was very close to the parish priest. Maybe she was just too close. As a result of this , Mary Ward was brushed aside and also exited from the substantial estate in the Wills of both her parents.
    I would greatly appreciate any assistance .

    F Fleay

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