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‘A Severed Life’

by Rachael Romero (guest author) on 8 June, 2011

Rachael Romero, who was in the The Pines, the Convent of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd in Plympton, South Australia, shares her drawing A Severed Life.

Rachael writes about her art work:

Those responsible for our incarceration were looking in the mirror.
How many lives cauterized?
How many hands maimed?
Girls not protected but stained by unwarranted and self-righteous religious and civil presumption of guilt.
Their persecuters were looking in the mirror.

Magdalene Laundry Convent of Good Shepherd Crown
‘Magdalene Laundry Convent of Good Shepherd Crown’ by Rachael Romero
copyright 2011

1 thought on “‘A Severed Life’”

  1. On my Birth Certificate my mother has her name as ” Christabel Mary Lewis ” however on my siblings Birth Certificates she is recorded as being ” Christabel Mary Ward “. As I have discovered my mother was the illegitimit child to the unmarried Mary Ward.
    Who was her father ? Being from a devout Catholic family my mother was put into a convent in order to hide the shame and disguise the event. It has been suggested she was very close to the parish priest. Maybe she was just too close. As a result of this , Mary Ward was brushed aside and also exited from the substantial estate in the Wills of both her parents.
    I would greatly appreciate any assistance .

    F Fleay

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