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‘Sleep Well Tonight’

by Darren Sugars (guest author) on 19 July, 2011

Darren Sugars sings ‘Sleep Well Tonight’, an original track which he says is ‘inspired by the personal narratives of two brave Forgotten Australians who are dear to him’.

Thanks to CLAN for providing the National Museum with a recording of the song.

3 thoughts on “‘Sleep Well Tonight’”

  1. Hi there. Any chance I can have a listen to the song by Darren Sugars?
    I’m one of the oral historians working on the Forgotten Australians former…. project with the National Library. I’m also a radio producer.

    Best, Hamish Sewell

  2. Hi Hamish,
    If you click on the highlighted link above the single cover illustration it will bring up a page where you can listen to the recording.

    Enjoy! It’s a fantastic track!

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