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Exhibition a reminder of forgotten past

Sally Pryor, from The Canberra Times, reported on last week’s talk by Alfred Fletcher, author of Brutal: Surviving Westbrook Boys Home by Al Fletcher as told to Cheryl Jorgensen, at the National Museum of Australia.

[2020 note] You could previously access this article on The Canberra Times website.

2 thoughts on “Exhibition a reminder of forgotten past”

  1. Certainly very difficult to comprehend the magnitude and horror on his life.

    I am a resident living in Westbrook. My wife and I are organising a Free Family Fun Day in 21 October 2012. I have been in touch with several other survivors who now live in Rockhampton. They have shown an interest in returning to our community just for the Family Fun Day. I would like to extend the offer to Al Fletcher and his family.

    Our community is still coming to terms with the image of what has happened here and by holding the Family Fun Day I hope to be able to further extend our hands to the survivors.

  2. Thanks Clayton,
    Thank you for keeping in touch with the website.

    If you have further information (no pressure!) re time of the Fun Day, etc. I’d be happy to post your event on this site.

    How generous of you to face this chapter of history in your area and to support survivors. You have set the bar for all of us Clayton!

    Best wishes,

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