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  1. I cant thank Adele enough for sending me the email from my nephew I have been looking for my sister for 40 years & with a stroke of her computer she made that happen thank u is not enough I would love to be able to give you what you deserve but I do not have it. From the bottom of my heart you found my family You did what I could not do. And Thank you does not even cover it I hope You know how special you are & the wonderful work that you do! It must feel so great to be able to make such a huge differance in peoples life. We are very lucky to have you Love Diane Mancuso You will always be aq very special person to me

  2. Dear Diane,
    You are so kind, but you did it – with your courage to search and your generosity in sharing your history.

    You don’t owe the Museum anything. I am just so glad that you found your sister. Thank you for letting me know of your special news Diane.

    You are special because of your courage and determination and now we all benefit from your fantastic news.

    Thank you Diane and best wishes,

  3. Hi: Adele,

    Question please.

    How can Forgotten Australians get assistance in finding their sibblings that they have never met, even if their sibblings were not the properity of the State Childrens Department.

  4. Thanks for your question Christine,
    If you let me know the name of the institution and which state the sibling concerned was placed, then I can provide you with contact information. If you don’t know those details, then if the person searching can provide those details about themselves, then that’s a start too.

    I’m happy to assist Christine, if you can give me more information.

    Thanks so much for staying in touch via this website.

    With best wishes, always,

  5. Hi, Adele,

    In answer to your letter dated 8/9/11, 8.21 am providing which institution my siblings were in.

    I didnt find out until I was 24 yrs of age that I had a mother and two other sisters. There were 4 of us girls, 2 of which were adopted and 2 were placed into the S.C.Department.
    One of the adopted sisters knew she had 3 other sisters and contacted the S.C. Department leaving her details with them, hence the S.C. Department forwarded her info to me at her request if I was to contact the S.C.D which I did.
    I met her, but the other sister I have never met but found out information about her such as her D.O.B and marriage.
    Years after our father returned from the war, his children were placed into the S.C.D and adoption due to poverity, which broke our mothers heart and caused her much greif.

    Do you agree the policies of that day keeping families seperated from each other to which some never find their siblings or family is abuse?

  6. Hi; Adele,

    How can Forgotten Australians that were in orphanages get their case notes from the Government, they would of stored F.As files in a different place to the churches, particually the F.As as young as 12 yrs of age that were dumped into adult mental asylums as a form of “punishment” and used for all sorts of medical experiements such as drugging worse than zombies, straight jackets and electric shock treatments.?
    They say records were destroyed in the floods or by fire, Im sorry I dont believe it.

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