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‘Forgotten Australians’ want to be in history course

by Adele Chynoweth on 4 October, 2011

Listen to Alliance for Forgotten Australians’ Chair, Caroline Carroll, talk, on SBS Radio, about the ‘dark secret’ of Australia’s history that she argues should be included in Australia’s national curriculum.

[2020 note]: This interview was previously available on the SBS website.

Download the National Museum of Australia’s Forgotten Australians education kit (PDF 4.39MB)

5 thoughts on “‘Forgotten Australians’ want to be in history course”

  1. I cant download on this laptop but I agree,- Of course our history should be part of The Education System. I know that there is a push for the Aboriginal history to be part of schools curriclum so why not the Forgotten Aussies & Child Migrants?

  2. There is a great curriculum that will go to every secondary school in Australia put together by the NMA Diane. My eyes could be paying out on me but I thought it was to the right of this page at fingertips hight but can not find it. ..

  3. The National Museum’s education package on Forgotten Australians can be downloaded from:

  4. I agree–of course it should be part of history–the hidden history. Let’s make it known.
    I have drawings that I can contribute

  5. Scientist Alfred Kinsey the Father on Sexual Revolution was a sadomasochistic pederast and financed with tax paying dollars who paid pedeplolies to molest children as young as 2 months old. Kinsey had working relationships with pedophiles who were actively raping children and he trained the pedophiles to measure and record the sexual responses of their victims using stopwatches and charts. Not once did he report to the police what he was doing but warned pedophiles to watch out for the authorities.
    Kinsey self circumised himself by cutting his own sexual orgins in a bizarre and brutal way, a practise that led to his demise. Dr judith Reisman suggest that injuries sustained during his masochistic activites- problems such as “orchitis’ a swelling of the male genitalia- contributed significantly to his untimely death from a heart attack in1956[ an extreme abuse of that area can induce heart stopping neurogenic shock].
    Kinseys philosophy was very popular pre 1956, which makes me wonder if his philosophy may of been an influence to priests, as many Forgotten Australian were molested by priests as children.

    Forgotten Australians from orphanages as young as 12 yrs of age, were placed by the State Childrens Department into adult mental asylums as a form of” punishment”s where the crinimally mentally insane were housed. Their crime, absconders from orphanages, adolescent rebellion to tyrannical nuns authority and what nuns & the government deemed as bad behaviour. [ all F.As were doing was absconding from a systems of abuse & standing up to people that hurt them]. Many Forgotten Australians were put in solitary confindment for absconding from orphanages up to 100 days.

    In the asylum children/adolescents were given electric shock treatments to keep them quiet according to a nurse, read the Sunday Mail 6/10/96.
    Children were drugged worse than zombies, rapes , murders and deaths occured in the asylum wittnessed by some Forgotten Australians.
    The Duplissis Orphans Quebec were used for psychiatric experiements. Psychiatrists lobotomized them by cutting their brains out then sent their bodies to University to be dissceted. As Cananda, Australia and Britian are under the same ruling, its not suprising that the same thing happened to Forgotten Australians as the Duplissis Orphans.

    Duplissis Orpahans Psychiatrist E.C{Canada } and Psychiatrist H.B from Chelmsford Psychartic Hospital Sydney were associates, both were working on allied projects like electric shock treatment and deep sleep therapy, and massive amounts aof druggings .
    All this was known and allowed by the Government, Church and the Australian Medical Association. Forgotten Australians dumped in adult mental asylums as a form of punishment went through terrible torture and abuse, were ommitted from the Forde Inquiry & Federal Apology 16/11/09, but did apoligize to them on the 23/3/10 Brisbane Parliament House , but refuse to compensate them and is not publised to the public what they went through like orphans that were in orphanages, yet F.As placed in adult mental asylums came from those orphanages.

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