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Save the Ballarat Orphanage site

by Wings for Survivors (guest author) on 26 October, 2011

Wings for Survivors provided the National Museum with information concerning the petition to the Heritage Victoria Council to save the Ballarat Orphanage site.

The buildings that were once Children’s Homes are now being used for other purposes, or have been left derelict or demolished. Often there is nothing to mark a place where hundreds of children spent their childhood. For so many people it’s a history that remains unacknowledged.

If you would like to support the campaign to have the Ballart Orphanage listed as a heritage site, then you can sign the online petition here.

1 thought on “Save the Ballarat Orphanage site”

  1. i am a FORGOTTEN AUSTRALIAN who spent most of my childhood as a permanent resident of THE BALLARAT CHILDRENS HOME,formally THE BALLARAT ORPHANAGE,my story is one of horrors and crimes commited on myself,my sisters and so many children while in the ‘so called care’ of the state in this institution,it should be kept INTACT in respect for ALL of the CHILDREN who SUFFERED there,making money off of the lives of ALL OF US VICTIMS is an absolute disgrace,it would equate to pretending we never existed and were not victims,which would equate to saying the holocust never happened and noone suffered or died in that circumstance,if we are not listened to then history is doomed to forever repeat itself over and over again with no lessons learnt,i expect my children to do better as adults than the perpetrators of the abuse on us,i also expect my Australian Government to do the same,yours sincerely PHYLIS READ 9/11/2011

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