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Silence, Suffering, Strength

by Helen Harms (guest author) on 8 November, 2011

Helen Harms writes about her experiences and shares photographs from her childhood in Nazareth House, Wynumm, Queensland.

Click on the link to download  Helen’s written account: Silence, Suffering, Strength

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4 thoughts on “Silence, Suffering, Strength”

  1. yes–silent suffering. And if the suffering was spoken it was deemed rank rebellion.

    That’s why it is so important that this web site stay up with a sensitive moderator like Adele nurturing its growth.

    Silent suffering is bondage,–
    giving voice is freedom
    –all of us together speaking is a very strong indictment.
    Are you up for it Australia
    –or is this just going to be another bureaucratic shuffle?
    “Forget them, they should shut up and get on with it.”

  2. With many Face book sites and other computer outlets run by Forgotten Australians for FAs its showing maturity growing amongst our group

    With– Wings for Survivors –been the first to take up the voice for FAs and allowed many FAs to take control of their own experiences and to express in their own words how many have struggled and wish to find support amongst fellow FAs

    With 2012 looming a new project will be initiated by a group of FAs in which up to half a million people will be receiving a package containing information on FAs and
    what to expect when they meet one. o

    On the 17th of this month a new You tube from-= 5hundredthousand3– will be launch.This video will in a small way wil be paving the way for its 2012 project .

    Looking forward to our 2nd anniversary in Canberra and hope all who get something from it will have reached their own expectations .

  3. One wonders who is allowed to go to the opening of the Museum on the 15/11/11, as it seems as those who questions the atrocities and those responsible for them were purposely excluded.

  4. Hi my name is Kim Williams an I was institutional care an is it still hard some days for me, I have had counciling for 2years an when the anniversary comes around an I have now were to go its so hard. But I am a strong aboriginal woman an I am here with a voice. I wish they would have something in Brisbane on this day that I could go to. Thanks Kim williams

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