Child Migrants, memories, photos

Dhurringile boys

by Hugh McGowan (guest author) on 2 March, 2010

Dhurringile Rural Training Farm for Boys opened in Tatura, Victoria, in 1947. The photograph below, taken on 12 September 1961, depicts five boys from the Quarriers Home near Glasgow, Scotland, leaving to travel to London on the “Flying Scotsman” where they boarded the SS Orion to travel to Australia. The boys are saying farewell to their cottage mothers and the superintendent who were responsible for their care in Quarriers Homes.

The boys arrived in Australia on 15 October 1961 and were taken to Dhurringile Rural Training Farm for Boys until it closed in 1964. Those who were left were transferred to Kilmany Park Home for Boys in 1964. Hugh McGowan stayed there until early 1966 when he left the institution system for good.

Robert Galt (top left), Richard McAllister (top centre), Edward Curran (top right), Hugh McGowan (bottom left) and Matthew Robert Smith (deceased) (bottom right)