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Bidura memory – she was only 6

by Debbie Day (guest author) on 20 January, 2010

Shush close your eyes look sound asleep,
Hear him moving in the shadows so deep,
Yes he passed by not my turn tonight
But who will he pick?
Will she put up a fight?
She was only 6

We hope he will leave and choose none tonight
We know what he will do to the one he picks
Yes we know the pain he will put on her
We know it all
She was only 6

It morning get up and make the bed
Bed number 4 is missing a girl
It was her first time, in sick bay she will stay,
We know why, we know who
We keep silent speaking won’t help
She was only 6

We wait for her to come back to us
So we can hug her and hold her close
Tell her we know, tell her we care
She never came back she left we are told
To a family who wants her, its lies so bold
It’s just not fair.
She was only 6.

Now I wish he had picked me
I know what to do
I wouldn’t fight or cry the night through
If I had be chosen me she would still be here
I wish he picked me
Cause I am older
I am 7

2 thoughts on “Bidura memory – she was only 6”

  1. Debbie, this is powerful strong, moving, every time I read it. It’s not easy to comment – there’s nothing to say. I hope the children of the future get a better deal.

  2. Hi Debbie I was at Bidurra in 1962, your story is exceptional though u must have been there before me or I just can’t remeber a man at Bidurra?
    Best Wishes
    Eileen kennedy

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