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  1. just commenting on st anns orphanage i used to go to school with a lot of the girls in there but can not remember there names i went to st marys catholic infants in 1963 to 1965 i rember there hair cuts they were bad they seemed very frightened of the nuns very withdrawn no one could go to see them as i tried one day but they would not let me see them i think it closed not long after it was an ugly old scary place to me at the time wendy

  2. I was a child in care of The Sisters of Charity at St. Annes Orphanage Liverpool from 1948 -1952. It indeed was a very scary place for a child who came from a destitute but loving single parent family. St Annes was devoid of love, compassion or caring and most importantly education. It was a chilling existance from morning till night. I remember two of the Sisters as loving and caring, Sister Ninian & lovely Sister Carmina. They were the exception.

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