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  1. These pictures are just before, during and after my stay at St Vincents Boys’ Home, Westmead from 1962 to 1966 when my mother reclaimed me back after 7 yrs of mental and physical torture. Four yrs I spent in this hell hole, and three yrs at St Michaels with the Nuns, thank God the Nuns were good to me unlike the Marist Brothers of Westmead.

  2. Hello Graham, I have just found about this site looking for details about the boys home i was in, and i just don’t believe my eyes as i read about you and the years at these homes as i was there at both as well in the same years.

    Yes it was a hell hole at westmead always getting cained i think it was by Brother….., not sure on the spelling after 5 years there i had enough and ran away.

    sorry i can talk to you all day but iam at wotk right now and now live in the uk, email me or we can talk by phone at suitable times for both, i also still have some photos of myself and some other boys that were there.
    regards Joe.

  3. Graham , I was there during the same years and I was in two of those Gilbert & Sullivan plays done by Br …,I still have a scar on one of my fingers from the cane and remember other things done by Brothers that I will not mention here,we probably knew each other then, Kev.

  4. Kevin and Joseph, I will contact Dr Adele Chynoweth of The National Museum Australia and ask her to give you both my contact details so we can talk. I also had 3 other brothers who went there, Robert and Gordon before our time, and John who was there with me, his time was 1961 to 1964 as he was a year older. Cheers!.

  5. Hello Fellow Westy’s
    my years at Westmead were from 1958 – 1962. remember Bro… well. The experience I had at St Michaels was quite different to you Graham E,I work on the farm with J… ,thankfully he GAVE me his afternoon tea otherwise I believe I would have starved to death..I would pickup SLOPS for the Pigs with J.. a couple of times a week from various Catholic Schools in the local area,these PIGS eat better than the KIDS in the Home. Graham E ( or Whoever) we all experienced very different things in our times in these HOMES,NEVER THE LESS I can feel for you..we can forgive but never FORGET…I’m a Grand Father now and God help anyone who harms the Kid.
    Would be greatful to hear from either Home Boys

  6. Barry, you would have been there when my two other brothers were there, as they left a few years before John and me arrived in 1962, Robert and Gordon were their names, and yes we will have to get intouch as I know and have been intouch with quite a few since 2001 on Brother… and others for their abuse on us kids. Cheers Graham.

  7. I was at Westmead 2 years 1957 to near end of 1958. I think that I only remember things that were tolerable, as I have suppressed many bad memories of my life as child.

    It certainly was a hell hole and I do remember the cane being applied often and in fits of anger, even for minor misdemeanours, such as getting a wrong answer in a speling test….I am still a very good speller today! One thing that particulalrly sticks are the early morning work assignments – on the farm and elsewhere…..it was child slave labour, which people would be locked up for today.

    Would love to hear from westy people around that time

  8. Brian Humpris. I was there in 1962 – 1966. You may know my elder brothers Robert and Gordon Evans, as they were there a few years before me and my other brother John was there in 1961 – 1965. Yes it was a hell hole so to speak, N., L., and V., were the abusers when I was there, even before my time they were still at it on abuseing everything in site. I took N. and received a six figure sum without going to Court, and I am still not finished with them yet. I hope you are travelling a bit better than some of my mates Brian, and yes they have a lot to answer for, regards Graham.

  9. Brian Humphris, Br N. would have been in your time at Westmead and probably L. as well. Do you know N, AKA J. A. L., is not even a qualified teacher and was drinking heavily the whole time he was at Westmead man handling us kids sexually and phisically for the duration we were there. He also was a boxer in his early time as was L. AKA J. M. I have been following N’s case since 1993, and still trying to get him extradited back to Australia from Chicago, where he or so the Head of the Church say, is ministering other Brothers only, again he is not even Qualified , as I beleive the Church sent him out of the Country to cover their arses and what they call the good of the Church. In 1993 – 95 N. was extradited to face three charges on boy buggery on a student in my time, my best mate, this is when I was ten my first week at this place, this boy told me to be careful that these acts were being performed on some students. N. was fined for pleading guilty to all charges and received a $500 fine and a 5 yr good behaviour bond, too ill the judge said. In 1996 he was extradited from Chicago again, to face 35 sex charges, these charges and any more outstanding charges were to be dismissed, as N. was ill and conenplated suicide. I am thinking of going to Q&A Questions and Answers and takeing on the Head Provance of the Catholic Church, as I strongly feel that N.and a few others should have been defrocked and their collars taken as well, and turfed from the Church all togeather. Then that would be justice for a lot from Westmead who were Phisically, mentally and sexually abused whilst in their stay. Brian, I have all the News clippings on every case he has faced, all what I have told you is from the horses mouth, and then you get the Church to try and lie about all this, what a joke and how easy it would be, to cut them to ribbions. My three elder brothers all have disorders as well as myself, I am the youngest and the only one who has enough guts to stand and fight for what I beleive in. If you listen to my songs I have on this site it will give you an indication of just how are we suppose to think after all this abuse, and Child labour ?

  10. Hi,

    I was at Westmead between 60-66, and remember Kevin who posted here earlier.
    Some of the kids in my class went on to play club football with NSW premier grade teams with Wests and Souths. I was in the same class as WM, OON, AF.
    Our final year was spent as a day student at Marist Brothers Parramatta. We had to walk from Westmead to Parramatta and back each day. That was my first exposure to a non institutional schooling.
    I went to Westmead from St Michaels Baulkam Hills, and prior to that St Josephs in Croydon. I guess all my school life was spent between those 3 orphanages. My earliest recollection of St Michael’s was eating dinner, which consisted of small sandwiches, delivered out of a shiny metal rubbish bin.
    My recollection of life at Westmead as been mostly wiped out by what I guess is my wanting to black that period of my life out. I do remember Br. N, Br. L. Br S. I also still recall the constant caneings for the smallest of infringements, and the beatings one would get for sport training shortfalls. These were mostly delivered by Br N.
    Mornings, before school, were often spent peeling potatoes, or sweeping staircases.
    I sang in the many annual Gilbert & Sullivan plays.

  11. I have just found this site. I repressed my memories of this horrendous part of my life and only recalled it a few years ago. Every time my mind drifts to the time I was in St. Vincents I become ashamed and angry. Is there any way we can bring the Brothers to justice for the atrocities performed on boys in their ‘care’. I was at the school in the early sixties and in the Gilbert and Sullivan musicals (the only good memory I have). I would really appreciate talking to other boys who were there. 15 June, 2011 at 12:15AM.

  12. Shayne Frewl
    Yes you can sue the Church I did in 2004 an got an Ex Gratia settlement, a complemenrary gift without acknowledgement as the Church won’t admitt any of the wrong doings they have done in the past. If you need a hand how to go about it, then just contact me on my email address as I would be only too happy to assist you in getting the ball rolling, so to speak. I can’t put the Brothers names here as this is Government run, but I can talk freely by email. Good luck and I hope to hear from you in regards. Graham.

  13. Hi,
    Just a clarification about why we are cautious about publishing names. It’s not because this is a Government site. It’s because any individual or organisation can be sued for libelous content. Of course I understand that the histories on this site are not “made up” and hence it could be fairly argued that they are not libelous.

    However, in order for the National Museum to determine that we would need to investigate claims and that is not what we do. We don’t have the resources or the expertise to undertake that kind of investigation. What we do is document social history through the collection and exhibition of objects and the stories behind those objects.

    It’s best if the National Museum sticks to what it does best. It is important that Australians know about the history of those in institutional ‘care’ in Australia. The truth is I want this site to stay online. I don’t want this website to be closed down and so I can’t publish anything that could be deemed libelous or defamatory.

    I know that seems like a cop-out when there are so many of those of committed crimes against children who got away with it. I know that so many care leavers struggle for justice.

    I wouldn’t presume to expect everyone’s agreement on this but I do hope that you will still accept my sincere thanks for all your contributions and I hope, too, that you will continue to participate. This site has hundreds of people logging on every day including international support. People are reading your personal histories and taking notice.

    That doesn’t mean of course that the site will achieve everything that you’d like it to. But let’s keep talking (I hope!).

    Thank you Graham for your generosity in supporting others on this site and for being honest. It is genuinely appreciated.

  14. Graham,

    Perhaps you could request Adele to also send your email address to myself?
    If anyone is thinking of a lawsuit against Marist Brothers, perhaps we could make a Class Action?

  15. Thanks Alan,
    In keeping with Graham’s wishes, I have forwarded his email address to you.

    Best wishes,

  16. i was at westmead 1964-1966.can remember wm played for wests,and became a superintendent nsw police. the brothers who i hated and stillnes just a dog,l** in charge of the band,the boss in 65 bro las – a …. and snakie a skinnie ……

    [Moderator’s note: Sorry Steve for taking the guts out of your comment. While your adjectives communicated your suffering at Westmead, we want to encourage school students to learn from this site. Point taken though Steve. You were betrayed by the system. Best wishes, Adele]

  17. i was at st vincents boys home ,around 1952\54 . do your records go this far back,i rember br.gilberters as principel,also on the staff were bros,nester, gilbertus, homan,edwards,anthony,paul,
    the preists were fr,collins,and i think fr,ryan.
    my friends were auther pinkowski, richard quin,
    can you help me to remember more around this period ,some things i want to know ,sorry i want to know all i can.i was a member of the band ,br.l was the teacher,
    if you cannot help me on this website can tou refer me to another
    regards .
    raymond h. groves.

  18. Raymond, I was at St Vincents Boys’ Home from 1962 to 1966, I had two other brothers in your time Gordon and Robert Evans. I was the drummer in the band in those years. If you get intouch with St Vincents Adolescent Care Marist Community Service, 31 Darcy Road Westmead 2145, ph 02/96717688 or 02/989127871 there you can get your Records if you have not already done so. Br L. was the music teacher then, also there was Br N., Br V., Br L. and br J. PE teacher. N. is exempt from all outstanding charges, as judge P. said he was too old and conenplated suicide. He now is teaching older Brothers in Chicago, when he is not even a qualified teacher even when he was supposed to be teaching us back then. This is where I say that St Vincent’s de Paul shound be sued as well, as they failed their care of duty back then under the Special Work of St Vincent’s de Paul. There is another Org called CLAN, ……. We are having a reunion of the Apology on the 16th November 2011 at Canberra ( protest ) and with a little luck there will be a lot of F/A’s there this year. I f I can help you any more , please don’t hesitate, just talk with me and I will see if I can assist. Regards Graham.

  19. Adele, as I said before, you can give my email address to any person from St Vincent’s Boys’ Home Westmead who would like to contact me in relations to the place or other students in our time. I Graham Evans give you Dr Adele Chynoweth permission to give my email address to the the above people or persons. Graham Evans.

  20. Hundreds of boys came to Westmead Boys Home from Kincumber Boys Home.What was terrifying for them was that the boys new that 2 Brothers at Westmead were paedophiles.It seem that 50 klm away it was known by children yet our so call carers were silent on the matter .

  21. What a nightmare Lawrie.

    There can only be one thing worse than the crime and that is the associated silence and absence of justice.

    Graham, you are so generous. Yes, I shall pass on your email address to survivors from Westmead.

  22. DEAR GRAHAM,i put a question mark in website ,can you advise me as to what i should put there ,thank you for your answer to my email\post .you gave me phone numbers to call re.my records, do not these organisations have a website .i do not remember your brothers ,at this stage ,maybe a photo ,may jog my memory ,i recall being in a room (cell )i cannot recall what the bros,bedrooms were called at that time,and i have a foggy recollection of the bro in his pj ‘s i do vividly remember his breath to this day smelled like boiled potatoes ,later on i knew what men and boys do. i have read posts from past boys from westmead i am sad to know about these events ,were they repressed until this website opend ,i knew a lot of these bros,was i so young and vulnerable,not to know what was going on.i go to bed trying to remember some events are clear some foggy ,by the way we used to call br,l nearer my god to thee,he was so tall.regards ray.

  23. Hi: Adele,

    Question please.

    1. Will information be displayed in the Museum how many F.As were dumped by the S.C. Department into adult mental asylums as a form of “punishment” not mental problems, given the reasons why they were placed in the asylums.

    1. Betwetters
    2. Absconders from orphanages
    3. Adolescent rebellion to tyrannical authority
    4. To short for ones age
    Its a wonder the children that were sodomised by the priests wernt sent to the asylums.

  24. Yes, Christine.
    The exhibition “Inside: Life in Children’s Homes and Institutions” will include the narratives of those who, as children without a mental illness, were placed in adult psychiatric institutions.

    We do not have the data on how many children there were. In a social history exhibtion, we choose a story or stories that represent/s the experiences of others.

  25. I remember you Graham playing the drums up on the stairs and I think you played 5/8th in the footy,I still remember your face from then,same class and all,we even hung out as well,got to know each other from the footy I suppose.I hope all is well with you,all the best Kev.

  26. Dear Raymond, I don’t understand about the question mark you are referring about, although I can assist you with an email address now as I contacted Marist youth Care today to get this email address for you. Head office of the Marist Youth Care for files call Maureen Skeoch on 02/96729200, and their email is all in lower hand, info@maristyc.com.au I hope this will help you to find out a little more on your past History. Please handle these files you will get back from them with care, as a lot of files have destroyed abused victims from the past. Most if not all were filled out properly when we know now that they are a Law binding doc, I personally had a nervious breakdown when I received mine years ago, and when you get them you will see what I mean, as far as I am conserned, this is a failed care of duty again on their behalf. I hope this has assisted you more than you have been assisted in the past. Regards Graham.

  27. Yes Kevin, you are right I played the drum and I was 5/8 and halfback sometimes as well. There was Ronny Fitsroy, Charlie…, Irwin … ( Bluey ) and Mick his brother who has passed away now, Michael…, Darren…, and Robert, Wayne, Glen and Garry…. as well that I can still remember. It’s good to hear from you, and all the best my friend.

  28. Yes it seems we know each other Alan.I played Kate in the Gilbert & Sullivan play-The Pirates of Penzance so we would of seen alot of each other then.We experienced these things together and even warned each other about who to watch out for back in those days but that still didn’t stop things happening to oneself.Their seemed to be so many of them put at Westmead.But I still remember Saints Day when we would have soft drinks and party food and know that the friends that I had then were part of my good memories.
    I hope you all keep well.
    All the best Kev.

  29. And blame it on me for editing the surnames, Graham, just in respect of those who are still coming to terms with their time in ‘care’ and may wish not to go public about their childhood experiences.

    But I hope that you’ll continue with your important contributions Graham!

  30. Thank you Adele, I am like British Paints, I’ll keep on keeping on.

  31. Actually, I think that slogan might be for Berger paints, Graham, but who cares?

    Besides, I’m a public servant – I shouldn’t be promoting any companies! Woops!

  32. dear graham,thanks for your post re,maureen ,spoke to her to-day, unfortunatly my records were lost in a fire they had ,felt like a kick in the guts ,so much i wanted to know and do .what a shame.regards ray.

  33. dear graham,can you give me any info about this fire at westmead ,did it it happen at st vincents ,why did it relate only to my years there,was there an investigation , was it a cover up ,to the abuse that occured to certain boys there ,so they had recourse ,
    regards ray.

  34. spontaneous combustion is a very selective documented fact, hey. i can understand why raymond felt he’d been kicked in the guts. but better than the hip pocket raymond i’m sure comrade.

  35. Westmead Boys Home was one of many Homes that did a –Trade Off– with other Catholic Homes with your Christmas and birthday presents They would be sold or raffle off at Fetes at other Catholic Homes to raise extra revenue for the Homes . The rest of the details on what was done to your mum or dads contributions for your upkeep is sickening to the core . It was money laundering at its worst .

  36. Hi; Ian Caldwell,

    I am very grateful for your knowledge expertise and skills. Would you be intrested in helping F.As by asking 2 questions mentioned below to the Government or Department of Community Services if they can please explain , may be they will answer you.

    1. Why they omitted any knowledge or reference to why F.A as young as 12 yrs of age were placed into adult mental asylums where the crinimally insane were housed as a form of punishment or what ever reasons, and why they didnt consider it to be a dangerous place for children in there care, and do they consider what those children/ adolescents must of gone through.
    2. Why were they not included in the Federal Apology Canberra 16/11/09 explaining their reasons.

    In my opion, you certainly would be an assett for F.As and the Department of Community Services , I am complementing you Ian.

  37. Raymond I think you will find what you have said about your files being burnt in a fire a load of **** on their behalf. More like they have destroyed them because of all the backlash they have had in the past from the place where we were all abused, now they want to cover it all up so to speak. You need to ask them when this fire took place then we can go into Network places and find out if this fire as they say did or did not happen as they are saying. Lots of Forgotten Australians found out the same thing when they applied for their Records, as victims were starting to see the light and started to sue the Institution for what they really did in those days. Don’t give up, keep on trying as these things belong to you not Westmead. Let me know of the out come or results, as we may be able to take another route to obtain your Admission Papers.

  38. Lawrie, St Vincent’s Boys’ Home Westmead was run by St Vincent’s de Paul and conducted by the Marist Brothers. It was Society that gave to help the kids, but unfortunately we never received anything, the Brothers scoffed most of the food and the moneys that were donated. There’s a book released by a Director after my stay in April 1966, ” A Simple Work ” by Br Gerald Burns, a hundred years in the makeing of St Vincent’s Boys’ Home, and what a load of crap. They praise only the good work the Brothers did in their time. I personally confronted the Author and abused the crap out of him, his remarks were, I am truely sorry Graham as I did not know that the Brothers were doing all this. But looking back I never received a Birthday wish nor any Christmas pressies, that’s why I now hate these parts in my life, I can still give, but I hate to receive as I don’t understand these days at all. I donated this book ” A Simple Work ” to Adele at the Museum and signed by Br Gerald Burns personally. This book is where I got my Title for my short story of abuse, ” One Way Ticket ” cause in this book it states that the Home itself was suppose to give the children a life time ticket of education, and all we ever received was a one way ticket to Hell.

  39. as i recall it, young (very) females were place directly into osler house for their “protection”. sexual assault was rife (99% of those by male patients as i remember). i know the wph administration were regularly informed of such (by staff reports in patients’ charts)….i didn’t see any matter taken too seriously. great example to the staff who might have thought about delving into those depths. wph in the mid to late 70s was open slather, depending on who your were or knew.

  40. Just a point of clarification: the last two comments below do not relate to St Vincent’s Westmead.

    Also, it is my understanding that Osler House only housed female patients.

  41. I was at St Vincents from 68 – 73. From 5th class to 4th form. And I remember J.. well. Tall. Skinny. And Eastern European looking. We probably called him a wog! My brother Allan was also there from 69 – 74. We both came via St Michael’s Baulkham Hills. Whilst I was at St Michaels we attended the official opening of The Pool. I was recently in contact with another Old Boy from my era and I sat down to write out the names of all the boys I went through St Michaels and St Vincents and I could remember just about all of them! Was this a product of my good memory. Or perhaps it was about my “good memories”
    Whilst I agree all was not perfect and I received a pretty bad wacking at the hands of Bro P. one day, I’m GLAD I spent those years there. A few times I wanted to run away (and once I did – though not for long) because I was angry at them banning my Dad from seeing my brother & I – but that was not the fault of the Marist Bros – at Westmead or elsewhere – that was a decision of the courts. BTW – I still have mum & dad in my life and phone & visit them regularly.
    At St Vincents I got a great education and I learnt to play musical instruments, learnt to sing, dance and act…..something I still do today. I work for myself in Marketing (mostly Food & Wine) but I’m also a DJ/MC and singer/songwriter/musician/actor & director!!! It’s a passion of mine which I get paid for most of the time! I sang in Rock n Roll bands and eventually ended up playing Australiana music and working as a fulltime muso from 87 to 89, including the opening of Harbourside and 4 gigs on Bi-Centennial day one of which was overlooking the Harbour and the big celebration. I worked with Eric Bogle (Band Played Waltzing Matilda), Redgum (Only 19) & John Williamson – who I first met at St Vincents – when he entertained the boys with his then No 1 hit “Old Man Emu”
    Whilst I was at Vinnies, I worked in the garden with M., who I believe, later became a Brother. I also worked in the kitchen with May who taught me a few tricks of the trade. I’ve had some lovely gardens over the years and whilst I’m no MasterChef, I could cook you a 2 or 3 course meal everyday for weeks without cooking the same thing twice. That’s a passion I gained from St Vincents.
    If I could say anything negative – I’d say it certainly was hard when I first left Vinnies and found myself in the big wide world. Despite the Brothers’ best efforts I found it hard to adjust to a life where I had to make my own decisions and set my own clock & do things without “Brother telling me”. But I think I’ve done reasonably well and have VERY few regrets about my life. I have two lovely children (from two wives who I’m still quite friendly with) and now live with a lovely girl who has a slightly special son who calls me his step-dad and a daughter who recently moved away from home and is the same age as my daughter! I talk a few times a week with my son and quite regularly with my daughter, & we txt & FB nearly every day and we all catch up for dinner or music or pictures or combined families time as well.

    I remember running into one of my classmates from school a few years after I left. He told me some stories about our former classmates. One was in gaol for murder. A few were into drugs – 1 VERY heavily. One was in gaol for theft and break n enter. Another shot his Dad because he wasn’t gonna leave the family business to him cause he was useless. He always got 100% in tests but had no social or people skills! A few had to marry cause their girlfriends were pregnant etc. These were the same guys who gave us the name “Home Boys from Beggarville” cause we lived in an orphanage…and they lived in a “normal home” Well I’m proud to say I’m a Boy from Beggarville!!!
    Reading back, I realised I’ve written quite a lot. I know not everyone had a great time at St Vincents – and St Michaels & St Anthonys and Kincumber etc etc. Looking back on it, the Brothers were dealing with some very troubled boys, at a time when even “normal” boys are going through a rough time. Some boys were quite damaged and some were hard to handle. I was never molested by any Brother! NEVER! I think from the beginning of Bro P’s time as head, it became a very different place. The world was growing up and changing so rapidly and the Churches knew they had to change too. Nuns wearing “civvies” and popular music was being sung in church with long haired guitar players and tambourines like no Salvo had ever played. Youth groups with boys and girls together. And going away on retreats together. And boys being exposed to girls much earlier in life. I remember being in the Catholic Youth Organisation with other boys from the home and school and with girls from Catherine MacCauley and going to various camps and being exposed to the real world in a way that boys just a few years before me couldn’t have dreamed of.
    Emphasis was on schooling and achieving at least a pass in the School Certificate (4th form) & some even went on to 6th form for the first time in St Vincents history. There was also an emphasis on an education in the arts (and more than just a lash at G & S at the end of the year.) We went into and did well at (including some placings and a win or two) the City of Sydney Eisttedfords. And performed in all the great musicals of the time. Emphasis was placed on continuing the great sporting traditions and forging new ones – Swimming & Hockey & the revival of the Tennis Courts. A Basketball court and even Skateboards & Rollerskates. The band – once renowned near & far – was revived and I remember our Fanfare Trumpeters welcoming Pope Paul VI to St Mary’s Cathedral & the huge mass at Randwick Racecourse. I remember us going into the School band competition and winning the Open final against the great St Pats Sutherland who NEVER lost….until they met their match – St Vincents Boys Home Band under Bro Geoffrey. I also joined the School Cadet Band and went on courses & bivouacs and had a great time!
    The last thing I will say I got from Vinnies is what I like to call “my winning spirit”. My “never say die attitude.” I’ve had a pretty good life – interupted by some pain & sadness at times. I live with mild chronic pain & some days it’s a killer. But always that winning spirit comes to the surface and I can smile and even laugh…cause I know that there are so many out there doing it waaaayyyyy tougher than me. I learnt that at Vinnies.
    This started because I was downloading a very large music program onto my DJ laptop. It was taking a while and I was looking up some info about something on Facebook on my main computer. I just suddenly thought I’d see if I could find any of my peers from Vinnies (I’ve already had contact with Peter Mosely) so I googled St Vincents Wesmead Old Boys association & ended up here. If anyone from Vinnies from 68 – 73 or St Michaels from 67 remembers me feel free to pass on my details.

    It’s 2.30 in the morning and my program is finished downloading so I will bid you goodnight (or morning). This has been a very special writing. A re-inforcement of that winning spirit!

    Cheers! Michael Gerrie
    (ps Bro J. used to pronounce it GEARY!)
    At the time I spent at the home there was Bros: Philip, Jerome, Valentine, Roland, Cyril & Geoffrey. Bro Lambert (former Band master) passed away early in my time there & the priest was Father Conlan.

  42. Thanks Michael,
    It’s interesting to note that this history is not “fixed”, that there were differing experiences and that the culture of instituitions may have changed depending on the era and/or changes in staff.

    Thanks for taking the time to write such a detailed account.

  43. dear graham, to-day recived a letter from maureen re my admission and discharge from st vincents,i was admitted on the 25-1-53 .and dischared on the 13-12-55,
    i have a document in front of me,called a register of cases admitted,
    .full name and date of birth.correct except month.
    .name and adress of parents, correct.
    .report on INMATE education,religious and secular.
    .conference ? blank sig at bottom j mc g .
    .next line same as above.
    .report on progress and conduct.BLANK.
    .remarks after leaving ,cannot read ther are two nos 28-1-51. 528
    . the number on my document is 561
    graham where do i go from here.
    ps. do you have any photos of the brothers when you were there they were probably the same people when i was there,
    kind regards

  44. Yes Ray, It just goes to show you of their failed care of duty all round. None of my admission papers were ever filled out properly, wrong date of Birth, when my Birth Cirtificate was produced, no Doctors report and most of all they say I came from Wavely in Sydney when I know I came from Dunedoo West of NSW. Photos: If you need any pictures of Brothers in your time, check out Libraies for a book called ” A Simple Work ” by Br Gerald Burns, he lives in retirement …… He did send me a autographed copy in a hundred years in the makeing of St Vincent’s. Where to go from here ? Because I had a heart attack from prolonged Anxiety and Depression, my doctor ordered me to see a Psychologist, from there I got all reports at a cost after he axcessed me with around 15 Psychological dissorders. I then rang Towards Healind NSW on 1300 369 977 and reported the Brothers who abused me in my time. I am sorry Ray we can not mention the Brothers names on this site, wether they were convicted or not. I have since found out that Br N….r is exempt from all other ouystanding charges, and got away with murder so to speak. Things have changed with Towards Healing now, as I wrote a report into the conduct of the service, as they had five members on the Board and four out of five were Catholic figures, I thought where is the justice in that, now they have chainged. Ray if you know or feel you have disorders, first see your Doctor, then get him or her to send you to a Psychologist, get avaluated, then approach Towards Healing and tell them that you would like to make a statement against the Catholic Church in relation to the abuse you did suffer whilst in care. Other numbers to contact Towards Healing are, N. Territory 0418 736 890, Qld 1800 337 928, S.A. 1800 139 020, Tas, 1800 356 613, Vic, 1800 816 030, W. Australia, 1800 072 390. I hope these numbers will assist you in all possibe ways. Ray I was born in 1951, and was admitted to Institutions in 1958 till 1966 so I don’t know who was there in your time. This book, ” A Simple Work ” has every Brother that ever taught in that hell hole, so see if you can get a copy, as I have donated my original copy to the Australian Museum of Canberra, have a talk with Dr Adele Chynoweth she may be able to assist. All the very best my friend and if there is anything else, please do not hesitate in contacting me, regards Graham.

  45. hi graham ,sent a post to you 23\9\11. re,my time at st vincents,
    no reply as yet ,what is this org , #clan# and how can i contact them,
    regards ,raymond beavan.

  46. Raymond Beavan: Care Leavers of Australian Network ( CLAN ) Leonie Sheedy is one of the cofounders of this place. You can contact CLAN on http://www.clan.org.au and talk with her. I am no longer a member ……. never the less have a talk at least you will be registered in the files. If you need anything else, please contact me, regards Graham.

  47. thank you graham,for information re.the book ,a simple work. will follow it up and let you know how i got on ,i understand you cannot name the brothers ,that is ok with me.thank you again for your help,regards raymond.

  48. I was at this hell hole from 1959 till 1964 and I was one of N’s victims. I was also in the band and played Epohonium. I have pictures etc of me dressed up for one of the Gilbert & Sullivan plays and I was also the school projectionist. IO am leaving on the 31st October 2011 for a new life in the USA. I wish I could attend that rally in Canberra. I am happy to correspond with anyone from St Vincents. I changed my name 25 years ago to escape that past. My new name is Jack Adams

  49. I was at Westmead from about 1970 till 1975. My brother Geoff was there also. Would love to hear from any old boys from my era.

  50. I am surprise at all the bad comments of St Vincents Westmead. Yes there was boys molested there but for the majority of boys who went through it was good experience, you got an education, sport, discipline and I believe that most boys who left westmead were a better person. Most of the marist people were good people. There are 2 sides to every story

    David Green

  51. hello graham.
    i am reading the book ,a simple work ,obtained thru an interlibrary loan,
    reading from chapter ten to and thru chapter eleven.and twelve these would be my time there and yours ,spent at st vincents ,
    i did not read correctly ,your post\blog re.your brothers being at the home in my time,do you still have contact with them, have you told them i have contacated you re st vincents if so do they remember me.graham you may give them my e-mail adress if they wish to remember and talk about our time there.kind regards ray.

  52. David, you have not heard half of it yet, any Institution or person that abuses a child in care should have been drowned at birth. Again there is good and bad in all people, but our lives were intrusted into their hands and i think you will find out today 99% of all children that went through this Institution were abused sexually, mentally or physically by the very same hands. In the book by a Director after my stay from 1962 till April 1966 Brother Gerald Burns wrote a book in a hundred years of the makeing of St Vincents Boys’ Home, and in the Rennaissance Years into the Twilite Years he said that the Institution was suppose to give the children a lifetime of education, and all we ever received was a oneway ticket to Hell. But I am glad for you that you may not have seen what most of us kids did. Graham Evans.

  53. hi,graham after reading the book A SIMPLE WORK ,i have a list of 17 brothers who were there from 1953-1955. i can recall about half plus one who were there ,i read in the book that some brothers lived there in retirement or semiretirement ,i know some had dorm,duties and know where they slept ,where did the others sleep,i see in mind the dorms ,the showers ,on that level also the the clothes room,below the chapel and the class rooms ,below that the refectory,and kicthen ,a jolt to my memory ,i was as iwould say a kitchen hand ,filling the coke scuttels in the near dark for the stoves,for the preperation of the days cooking ,can you relate to that,what memories ? no wonder i cannot get my self to-gether ,when i try to recall MY YEARS ,at westmead.
    regards. raymond beavan.

  54. When I was there Raymond, the brothers all slept there at the Home. Unfortunately things will come back from time to time, but now that we know of these disorders we were left with we can try to deal with them. Some people or ex students can block these feelings from the past, but there are thousands that cant, we can only try.

  55. David Green: I can’t get over your comment in saying, yes! some of the boys were molested, is that not enough to convince you that the majority of the Marist brothers were molesters and abusers of those times. Yes some got an education as it stated in the book A Simple Work by Brother Gerald Burns but most were abuse in all shapes and form, and some were bumb boys reporting to the Teachers for their own gain, these were the pedophiles boys dobbing in others so they would get let off the hook. Disgusting all round I say.

  56. I was at Westmead boys home in 1981 there was a nice cleaning lady there we called Mrs B and another that worked in the kitchen called Mrs C
    I also made plenty off friends there but dont know where they are in life now!

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