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St Vincent’s, Westmead

by Graham Evans (guest author) on 24 June, 2010

Graham Evans was a resident of St Vincent’s Boys Home, Westmead from 1962 to 1966. Here he shares photographs of St Vincent’s.

58 thoughts on “St Vincent’s, Westmead”

  1. I am surprise at all the bad comments of St Vincents Westmead. Yes there was boys molested there but for the majority of boys who went through it was good experience, you got an education, sport, discipline and I believe that most boys who left westmead were a better person. Most of the marist people were good people. There are 2 sides to every story

    David Green

  2. hello graham.
    i am reading the book ,a simple work ,obtained thru an interlibrary loan,
    reading from chapter ten to and thru chapter eleven.and twelve these would be my time there and yours ,spent at st vincents ,
    i did not read correctly ,your post\blog re.your brothers being at the home in my time,do you still have contact with them, have you told them i have contacated you re st vincents if so do they remember me.graham you may give them my e-mail adress if they wish to remember and talk about our time there.kind regards ray.

  3. David, you have not heard half of it yet, any Institution or person that abuses a child in care should have been drowned at birth. Again there is good and bad in all people, but our lives were intrusted into their hands and i think you will find out today 99% of all children that went through this Institution were abused sexually, mentally or physically by the very same hands. In the book by a Director after my stay from 1962 till April 1966 Brother Gerald Burns wrote a book in a hundred years of the makeing of St Vincents Boys’ Home, and in the Rennaissance Years into the Twilite Years he said that the Institution was suppose to give the children a lifetime of education, and all we ever received was a oneway ticket to Hell. But I am glad for you that you may not have seen what most of us kids did. Graham Evans.

  4. hi,graham after reading the book A SIMPLE WORK ,i have a list of 17 brothers who were there from 1953-1955. i can recall about half plus one who were there ,i read in the book that some brothers lived there in retirement or semiretirement ,i know some had dorm,duties and know where they slept ,where did the others sleep,i see in mind the dorms ,the showers ,on that level also the the clothes room,below the chapel and the class rooms ,below that the refectory,and kicthen ,a jolt to my memory ,i was as iwould say a kitchen hand ,filling the coke scuttels in the near dark for the stoves,for the preperation of the days cooking ,can you relate to that,what memories ? no wonder i cannot get my self to-gether ,when i try to recall MY YEARS ,at westmead.
    regards. raymond beavan.

  5. When I was there Raymond, the brothers all slept there at the Home. Unfortunately things will come back from time to time, but now that we know of these disorders we were left with we can try to deal with them. Some people or ex students can block these feelings from the past, but there are thousands that cant, we can only try.

  6. David Green: I can’t get over your comment in saying, yes! some of the boys were molested, is that not enough to convince you that the majority of the Marist brothers were molesters and abusers of those times. Yes some got an education as it stated in the book A Simple Work by Brother Gerald Burns but most were abuse in all shapes and form, and some were bumb boys reporting to the Teachers for their own gain, these were the pedophiles boys dobbing in others so they would get let off the hook. Disgusting all round I say.

  7. I was at Westmead boys home in 1981 there was a nice cleaning lady there we called Mrs B and another that worked in the kitchen called Mrs C
    I also made plenty off friends there but dont know where they are in life now!

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