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Suffer the little children

by Patricia Slatterie and Jeanette Blick (guest author) on 26 October, 2010

Patricia and Jeanette

In 1961, John, Frank, Patricia and Jeannette Halliday, without explanation, were taken to Allambie Reception Centre, Victoria before being taken to court and made wards of the state and then sent to Orana Methodist Home, Burwood. The Halliday children were subject to medical testing. As a result of the associated severe symptoms, they often had to be admitted to hospital. Patricia and Jeanette write about their memories of life at Orana.

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6 thoughts on “Suffer the little children”

  1. A deeply moving story of which I am certain this is only a part and which leaves many questions unanswered.
    Time will reveal all.
    You were both brave to write and share this story which will continue to be a support to others.
    Thank you.

  2. Thank you for your story. How brave you are. I find myself crying in agony for you and about you. I am so sorry to hear of your sadness and unhappiness. I think I may have known John. There was a little boy called John in my group. I was the kindergarten teacher at Orana around that time and came in from outside during the day. The kindergarten was attached to Cato cottage and the children came from Cato and from houses outside to attend. I was very young it was my second job teaching.

  3. Patricia and Jeannette
    I found yor story, and it explained many of the thoughts and memories I have of that time, Please contact Me


  4. The Government sux, I was taken from my family along with my brother when we were like 9 yrs old to allambie, What a dreadful place, treated like cr** for 18 month that we were there, We shouldnt have been there in the first place.

  5. Found your story very interesting as I am still trying to recall my time at Allambie and Orana (1971-1978). Some of what you said brought some memories back to me of my experiences. Currently retrieving my file from Orana to find out more. Thank-you for honesty and courage to tell your story. How do I find out who were the cottage parents in the years I was there? I have no medical issues as yet however I would like to know more what happen as I have big gaps in my memories.. Wally

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