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Child passenger ship torpedoed by U-boat

by Oliver Cosgrove (guest author) on 7 July, 2011

The passenger ship the City of Benares, carrying 90 children evacuated to Canada from Liverpool, was torpedoed by U-boat, U-48 on 13 September 1940. Only 13 children survived.

The children were temporary evacuees and not Child Migrants. Nevetheless, the incident demonstrates the danger of sea voyages during World War Two. The Wartime Memories Project would like to hear from anyone who has any connections with the City of Benares.

Read more on the Wartime Memories Project – City of Benares website.

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  1. Oliver also let me know that:

    “The Morning Bulletin Rockhampton, p4 9/1/41 reports that Mary Cornish and Ronald Cooper received an MBE for their actions on the sinking of the City of Benares (but the OBE website does not show their names), and the Illustrated London News for 1941 noted that ‘ Edward Colin Ryder Richardson Aged Eleven received Commendation for Bravery When ” City of Benares ” was Torpedoed ‘ 17 Sept 1940. But much more poignant are the photographs from the Illustrated London News for 28 September 1940 at the address below, including a last-note by one of the children”:

    Thanks so much Oliver. Such important material. Thank you!

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