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Senators vote against child abuse inquiry

by Wilma Robb (guest author) on 7 July, 2011

The Australian Senate recently voted against Senator Nick Xenophon’s motion that the Heiner Affair be referred to the Legal and Constitutional Affairs References Committee for inquiry and report. Listen to Bravehearts‘ founder Hetty Johnston’s response.

Download the Hetty Johnston interview with Michael Smith on the 2UE website.

Download the Hansard excerpt (PDF 263kb)  to read the report of the Legal and Constitutional References Committee discussion and to see how senators voted on 23 June 2011.

2 thoughts on “Senators vote against child abuse inquiry”

  1. Senator Jan Mclucas (Chair) Senator Steve Hutchins, (chairman) Senator Claire Moore all ALP sat on two Senate inquiries, 2004-05 Forgotten Australian and Protecting Vulnerable children ;A National Challenge BUT these three Senators voted against an inquiry into the the cover up of a government shredding evidence of a 14 year old girl gang raped while in the “care”of the Queensland government. This Inquiry could have with Forgotten Australians strenth, support and pressure given us a Royal Commission into past and present abuse within evil government systems past and present….,

  2. Hi; Wilma Robb,

    If Senators voted against the inquiry into the destroying of legal doctuments, I question why they want it covered up, what is there to hide and are they or their friends involved ?
    Dumping F.A children into adult mental asylums for being an absconder, bed wetter, adolescent rebellion, bad behaviour or too short for ones age was excessive child abuse in it self.
    In the asylum, some were raped whilst unconsious from prescribed drugs, electric shock treatment ect. R.T and others were raped continually during the time they were there.
    Forgotten Australian J.E was dumped into an adult mental asylum for adolescent rebellion and stated in writing in her letter to the Senate also told others, 6 girls were sent for shock treatment only 3 returned and never saw the other 3 again. One is left to question if they possibly could of died from failed shock treatment that was given to F.As under duress.

    I believe Senators KNOW what happened, but I cannot understand why they dont want to face up to the fact that they were aware of the knowledge of the child abuse. F.A children suffered it seems with the apparent approval of Government.
    But then again, child abuse happened before with the massacre of the aboriginal race all over Australia and Tasmania didnt it.

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