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Parkerville photos

by Bob McGuire (guest author) on 9 May, 2011

Bob McGuire shares his recent photographs of Parkerville Children’s Home, WA.

Bob says,

Some cottages are gone, sadly, as a lot of us go back for a look at the place. The dining room is one of the main photos as everyone remembers the beltings we would get in that place with the cane, just prior to having to sit down for a meal….sobbing uncontrollaby from the pain…….it has been renamed Worthington Hall, but that doesn’t hide the shame.

If the Anglican Church done the right thing, then they would build a nursing home and aged housing, with first preference to those that were there, and show that they now care.

Forgotten Australians, photos

Lonely graves

by Bob McGuire (guest author) on 27 July, 2010

Former Parkerville resident Bob McGuire shares his photographs of the site and an article from the local newspaper.

These are photos of the graves of children who died while in the Parkerville Children’s Home. This is a very special site to many of those associated with the Home. Crosses burnt by fire have been replaced by concrete ones and a small memorial has been created to those children who died in the Home.

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A neglected child

by Bob McGuire (guest author) on 21 December, 2009

At age ten Bob was taken from his mother as a neglected child and placed in Parkerville Children’s Home. Below is his poem.

‘Wearne Centre’ at Parkerville Children’s Home
Dining room at Parkerville Children’s Home

to be taken as a neglected child
to be told you were going to be put some where safe
to always remember the evil man with the cane and all ways wild
this is the darkness in my dreams, the horror in my life
this place was not safe but a place of horror for this waif